Wicca’s Wardrobe for the Crazy Connection 12 Days after X-mas Raffle

12 Days After Christmas 001with logo

Today starts the 12 days after Christmas raffle. From today the 26th of December until January the 6th you have the chnace to win one prize every day. I made for special items for this after christmas raffle.

12 Days After Christmas 003withlogo

The first prize is a pair of the “Claw Boots” in a very special color that will not be sold after that raffle. For the colors I chose the typical Christmas colors red, gold and green. The basic comes in a warm red leather, decorated with golden metal parts and spikes and the cute corset laces are made in green. The boots are set with a resizer so that you can make sure, that they fit to you legs and feet as well.¬† And.. yes guys Dahriel and some other guys confirmed that the claw boots as well work for males ;)

12 Days After Christmas 002with logo

For the second prize I made a corset with a wonderful puffy mesh stole. The red mesh corset is tied together with green laces and golden stars make the corset buttons in the front. 2 golden stars decorate as well the upper back of the corset.

12 Days After Christmas 004with logo

The couple poses I put for the raffle, are something very special to me and I did not yet find the right place for them to be. This 2 poses, are coming out of a set I made with Trinity Graves when she taught me my first steps of how to make poses in the past :) This raffle with all of those special prizes made itself the right place to give those 2 special couple poses  for my last 2 gifts :) .

Thanks a lot Bro for your wonderful styling and the time to pose with me for the pictures :)

As you only have one try per day to win all those amazing prizes… better hurry and do not forget to click the raffle board daily at the Crazy Connection (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New/27/82/22)

12 Days After Christmas 005withlogo

Models: Dahriel & Wicca

Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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