Dracula Scenes by Body Talking

Today Body Talking released the “Dracula Scene” poses with a nice and neat idea of a little story book. It was a great pleasure to be asked to do the photos and textures and also be allowed to model for some of them! The beautiful lyrics were written by RicoRacer Flux and for sure as always Arisia Ashmoot designed the poses as she is the designer of Body Talking 😉 Just lean back and enjoy 😉






Lyrics byRicoRacer Flux

Poses by Body Talking

Pictures by Wicca Merlin


RicoRacer Flux

Trouble Inglewood

Tandra Parx

Arisia Ashmoot

Louise McWinnie

Wicca Merlin

Sorya Vaher

Tatanka Kaligawa

One thought on “Dracula Scenes by Body Talking

  1. Wearing the cross and wrapped garlic collor around my neck……. This is terrifying scenes ouchhhhh from my favorite girls OMG you are vampires

    Bloody kisses to you all

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