Exclusiva St. Patricks Special & Gift

Exclusiva says:
HAPPY St. Patricks DAY!

We celebrate and you enjoy your special day in green with or mini Hat GIFT and the beautiful Vanessag Gown in green for only 50 linden instead of 600 linden for the next 24 Hrs.

– Exclusiva® – St. Patricks Day mini Hat GIFT!
– Exclusiva® – Vanessa Gown in Green for ONLY 50 Linden 24 Hrs.

Vanessa Green

The Vanessa Gown with gloves

is an elegant gracefully flowing evening gown tied at the neck with an exsposed criss cross back. The front of this lovely gown features delicatley stiched seem details. This magnificent gown comes in black, blue, pink, magenta,purple, silver and as special for the St. Patricks Day in green.

St Pakricks Day mini Hat

We bring the Luck of the Irish to SL!
Introducing the St. Patrick’s Day Mini Hat.

This hat is free for the duration of the celebration in March.   Make sure you grab this eloquent mini green top hat with a delicate green veil.   The  St. Patrick’s Day

Mini Hat is  the perfect complement to the Vanessa Gown in Green.

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