Faster Pussycat – A Tribute to Vivienne Westwood!

Lately Maniera did a wonderful runway show for their new magazine launch, I have blogged that before, and the whole show was a tribute to the amazing RL designer Vivienne Westwood ( Vivienne Westwood is known to combine colors, fabrics and textures that you would not think about going together. Honey Bender, owner and genius designer of Faster Pussycat, made 3 stunning outfits for this event. Faster Pussycat always was – and still is –  for me something extravagant and something I really love. Honey’s creations are always outside the box but still super stylish. Anyways wich style she covers, formal, casual, avant-garde… you always can see it is a Faster Pussycat design and that’s something I really admire. But now for the outfits she made for the Westwood tribute 🙂

The first one you can see in the pictures above is “The Oh Deer” outfit. A wonderful corset, paired with a super cool lions bolero and some hot, short pants. Sexy but still very cool and perfect for all that like the extravagant style. The boots for this outfits were provided from PoosyKat LittleBoots, who designs shoes and accessories for the Faster Pussycat creations a lot and they perfectly go with the controversy overall look for me
:). The “Toro” hairstyle was given from Loovus Dzevavor… I just love those horns :p

The second outfit is called “Diamonds are a Queen’s best Friend” You can wear this one with or without the skirt. If you choose to wear it without, you have similar pants like for “the OhDeer” one. Again you can see the amazing corset this time with sparkling diamonds on it as a wonderful accent.

To complete the look I added some heavy steam punk looking boots, wich made a super contrast for me to the corset and the skirt.

The 3rd outfit of Faster Pussycat’s tribute to Vivienne Westwood carries the name “Angry Betty” and it is the most punky looking one of the 3 *grins* and I really like it… there comes my dark side out again :p.

As I saw the combination of the tartan fabric skirt and the leather jacket, I could not resist to even choose the accessories a bit more punky, like the sneakers, piercings, the collar and the mohawk from Miamai.

Another special accessory is the makeup that I used in different colors for all 3 styles. Lovely Miwako made them especially for the Maniera Tribute to Westwood show. “Westwood Contrast” she named them and you have, if you get the whole pack, 10 different, amazing color combinations including black and white.

A special thank you goes to my sister Falbala Fairey, who took the time, helped me out this time and did me the raw snapshots, so that I was able to work on pictures for this post, as I still have trouble 95% of the time to snap pictures with shadows… thank you sissy!!!

So… get your favourite one and show off the Westwood side in you 😉

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