Hooray! I am a LeeZu Model!!!

[LEEZU]-Wicca4A dream came true for me. Lastly I was hired as a LeeZu Model. (this fantastic pic was one of the pics GM Nikolaidis made for the store helper pics…ty so much GM!)

I dreamed for a long time to be allowed to store model for this fantastic brand and about 2 weeks ago this dream came true.

LeeZu WEiß 002To share my happiness I decided to show you some of my firts outfits I was given to model and some that I like for longer 🙂

LeeZu is one of my favourite designers and so it was a great honor as my IM opened and Vixie asked me if I would like to model in the store for LeeZu. I was spechless and neary breathless… I did not have to think about and jumped around. Then I calmed down a bit..only a bit..so that i could sit down again and write that it woudl be a great honor and pleasure to work for LeeZu

LeeZu Call Kleidchen 001

I was so nervous and nealry was not able to wait until I got my outfits and was allowed to start…but then it became monday and I was at the LeeZu store on the little stage dancing and waiting for my first customer contact…and it was wonderful. It felt fantastic to help the people to find the clothing they search or to model different outfits they wanted to see how they look!

LeeZu Store adoutfit 003The LeeZu family is one of the best I met in SL. Nice, friendly, kind and helpful when ever you need somthing! They work together hand in hand and we have much fun also while working. We all have our shifts to cover but it feels not like work…it is fun also!!! I think iam really a lucky girl that I am allowed to be part of…

LeeZu BO DressLeeZu has a wide range of different outfits. They have “ready to wear” outifts for all who search for some to use fastly and also you will find a hugde sortment of all kind of clothing parts to mix and match. For me this was one of the favourite things I always used. Mix and match all kind of clothing even combine different “ready to wear” outifts. There you really can be crative and show your own style! Futher more you will find amazing jewelry and also special series of clothing like the “Noir” Series and the “Revolition” series…both are very special and high class outfits!

I hope I was able to show you a part of my dream that came true and I hope maybe I can help you someday if you come to LeeZu and search for something 😉 it woudl be a pleasure! 🙂



Outfit: LeeZu – “Miss Mara Scarf” /ethno black, “Tamara Pantsuit” top, “Nottingham” pants

Earrings: LeeZu – “Zoee Earrings” /metal

Model: Wicca Merlin

Photographer: GM Nikolaidis


Outfit: LeeZu – “Britpants” /silver, “Lana” top /blue, “Lana” tie /white. “Valerie” blouse /white

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin


Outfit: LeeZu – “Catch Lily” Dress /beige, “Cat Tights” /champagne


Outfit: LeeZu – “Miss Mara Scarf” /ethno black, “Tamara Pantsuit” top, “Britpants” /black, “NOIR Mina Flexi Dress” gloves

Shoes: Courtisane – “Allumeuse Boots” /boudoir

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin


Outfit: LeeZu – “BO Leather Dress” /olive

Model &Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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