I need you to see who I am


Dead inside!
Revere a million prayers
And draw me into your holiness
But there’s nothing there
Light only shines from those who share
Unleash a million drones

Confine me then erase me babe
Do you have no soul?
It’s like it died long ago

Your lips feel warm to the touch
You can bring me back to life
On the outside you’re ablaze and alive
But you’re dead inside!

[- Muse -]

Top: AsteroidBox – “Leona Tanktop” (Maitreya Petite)


Piercings & Tattoo (Forehead): BodyArts – “Signum” (unrigged)
Earrings: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Earring Mads all linked” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)
Ear Lobes: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Inazuma Plug” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)
Piercing (Nose): Wicca’s Originals – “Jadeon Piercing” + “Tegan Piercing Set” (unrigged)
Piercing Lips 1: LittleFish – “EziliV2” (Lel. EvoX, Avalon)
Piercing Lips 2: LittleFish – “Blair” (Lel. EvoX, Avalon)
Piercing Lips 3: LittleFish – “Jazmina” (Lel. EvoX, Avalon)
Chest: [Cubic Cherry] – “Cupid Mark” (unrigged, BOM)
Fore Arms: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Ursula Gloves” (Maitreya LaraX) – NEW @ Kinky // March 2024
Nails (incl. Finger Tattoo): .:E.A.Studio:. – “Karma Nails” (Maitreya LaraX)

Hair & Makeup

Hair: KMH – “Hair U106 Unrigged F”
Side Lock: adoness – “”Side locks : right : blue & green”
Eyeshadow 1: BodyArts – “Winter EyeMakeUp” (LeL.EvoX BoM)
Eyeshadow 2: BodyArts – “Vesu Eyesjadow blue” (LeL.EvoX BoM)
Lipstick: BodyArts – “Ameline – Lips (grey/OldRose)” (LeL.EvoX BoM)

Head, Body & Tattoo
Head: LeLUTKA – “EvoX Avalon 3.1”
Tattoo Head/Neck: BodyArts – “Veteris Mask blue/natural” (LeL.EvoX, Materials)
Teeth: [CX] – “Strigoi’s Fangs – Silver Type.1 ( Size E / Wider )”
Body: Maitreya – “LaraX Petite 1.1”
Tattoo Body: .:Vegas:. – “Tattoo Bloom ( Medium )” (BoM)
Poses, Props & Tools

Pose: selfmade

Model, Stylist & Photographer

Wicca Merlin

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