I needed some Brightness and Sun today…

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Do you know that feeling, when it gets colder and colder outside and more and more grey? Yes, winter is coming and until it to see the wonderful white beauty the days are rainy and misty.

Today was one of those days and I had the desire for a more autumn and colorful picture 😉

 Boho 1

I started to look for a nice location and while i was walking over “Flux Sur Mer” I more and more got the idea what kind of style I wanted for todays pictures.

Something comfortably and easy. The first I put on, were the “Kult Jeans” from [sys]. Those jeans were just perfect, with the loose fit and super cool wrap ups at the bottom and the panties poking out at the top. For the panties there is even a HUD to recolor them. The wonderful top as well was made by [sys]. With the smart lines hanging down the “Janis Shirt” perfectly went with the jeans.

Boho 5

Certainly I had to wear one of the newest releases from White Widow since I am totally tattoo addicted. The “Neverland” tattoo was released for the current round of the Enchanted event.

The jewelry is part of a gacha from [sys] wich has a full jewelry set. For today I just used the nose ring, the bangles for the right wrist and the bracelet for the left as well as the earrings and the necklace in gold/onyx. The cute handbag with the great squared patchwork, that make it look like a rubik cube, was made by PurpleMoon.

Boho 4

The hairstyle comes from EMO-tions. The short and artistic made updo is a masterpiece, that every hairstylist would take hours for! The way how it is wrapped and put up on the back of the head is just amazing and the wonderful head band with the ornaments on the leather band matched the “Tandem” jewelry set so perfect and went along with the overall look so amazing.

The look and the pictures for today really were a nice escape from the triste and dark RL weather 😉

Boho 6


Top: [sys] – “Janis Shirt” – NEW @ Shiny Shabby

Pants: [sys] – “Kult Jeans” – NEW @ Shiny Shabby

Jewelry: [sys] – “Tandem” – NEW

Hair: EMO-tions – “Sabienne”

Bag: PurpleMoon – “Rubik Purse”

Tattoo: [White~Widow] – “Neverland” – NEW @ Enchantment

Poses: L.A. BoS

Location: Flux Sur Mer

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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