“Leaves of Life”- Latest News by Mea Culpa!

Yes, Mea Culpa is now one year on the grid and still Tatanka Kaligawa surprises us with new and incredible awesome designs 😉 On of the latest releases is called “Leaves of Life”. A wonderful elegant outfit hat comes with the gorgeous hat with that long tentacles on top 🙂 The gown itself, is a firework of textures. The skirt falls down in 2 parts and give an interesting and stunning view from the back. The 2 back attachments that really love like big petals or leafs add a  very interesting and for sure head turning touch. The prim parts are so amazingly textured, what again shows the wonderful skills of Tatanka Kaligawa, if it comes to texturing and designing 🙂 The layers match perfectly to the prims and some stunning “holes” let peek through very sexy a bit of skin 😉 The mixture of all the blue, green, teal and gold makes this gown as well to a perfect design for the actual season 😉

If you make your way to the Mea Culpa Mainstore do not forget to add the place to your pics section of your profile to get the beautiful anniversary gown “Sugar Candy”, that Tatanka Kaligawa made for the first birthday of Mea Culpa as a gift and thank you for all his customers 🙂


Outfit: Mea Culpa – “Leaves of Life”

Skin: Glam Affair – “Castalia”

Jewelry: Finesmith Designs

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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