Lorelai joins the winter collection of Inga Wind Clothing!

Inga Wind - Lorelai 001

Again we have a nother great outfit to color our cold winterdays. Inga Wind Clothing gave us another grand box with different way to mix and match the perfect outfit for every reason ūüėČ Inga Wind - Lorelai 002

Look at this 4 different ways of combination…Pants or skirt, short or long, hat or not, ribbons, jacked, shirt….everythi9ng is possible with only one outfit by Inga Wind Clothing! The main colors are black and light pink. Anyways if you search for casual, business, city chick, dolly, elegant, or classy with “Lorelai” you can do what ever you need! And as we have it mostly for Inga Wind Clothing – the shoes ar part of the outfit and we don’t have to look hours for finding the right style or color to match the rest of the outfit ūüėČ If you decide to wear the femal suit version with the long jacked and the long pants you can see that it is not a simple black texture on it. The whole suit is covered with an awesome pin striped texture the repeats the light pink we can see on the ribbon of the top for example. The long pants have amazing sleeves that end in a fantastic light pink seam that are decorated with sweet little buttons…

First we have the casual, playfully version.¬†A short vest with a dreamy neckline. In the middle of the front part at the belly, you can see the love for the details of Inga Wind Clothing…a little small ribbon decorates the back short arm vest. The big ribbon at the next falls down¬†on the¬†leverage very beautiful and it is made with an amazing texture that shows off¬†every little fold and shadow! The shirt is made in the same color as the skirt and leads perfect over broken lightly of a small pink belt. The short flexi mini skirt covers only what it have to ;-). Sexy nylons adulate the long well shaped leg of every fashionista…The pumps have the same great color as the skirt and top and¬† complete the outfit perfect!

The second version I thought was the buisness version with the skirt. Instead the vest I chose the long armed jacket. The other parts are the same ..but you can see if you change only one part you have a totally new look!

A few part got my extra attention and I would like to close up that ones! First the fabulous hat…a masterpice of design. The basic color repeats the pink of the outfit and a black hat band breaks the light color. The same kind of ribbons we have in the outfit and on the shoes we have on the hat. And now the best..the hat is included as a single piece or ¬†a combination with¬†the hair!¬†So you can decide by your own, to wear the hairstyle, that comes with the outfit (single also) or¬†your own one ..and you can choose without or with the hat and you will never have trouble with the¬†hat and hair if you wear the combination of both¬† that Inga¬†Wind provides with the outfit!¬†The back of the jacket¬†I chose to show you the beautiful pin stripes. The vest is not only black also a nice realistic texture with folds and shadows make a nice fabric texture! For sure i have to close up the big ribbon that lies on the leverage ;-). Also the shoes earned a closeup for their with love made details…and if you look very close you can see that even the nylons have magnificent ornaments!!!

Overall another must have in your wardrobe you should not miss!!!


Outfit complete: *IW* Inga Wind Clothing – “Lorelai”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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