LOTD 07/02/2014 – Teal Dreams

Finesmith, PurpleMoon, Full

You sit there, wear one thing after another from your inventory and try to fins something that inspires you. Sometimes you find one piece and nothing to add to it. But sometimes you just put one part and all of a sudden the rest of it just falls together 😉

Like it was today. I again put on the “Moxie” outfit from Purple Moon, wich was sold at The Instruments in the June 2014 round. I already saw it blogged a few times in pink and red so I wanted to go for a nother amazing color of this sexy ensemble. My choice fell on teal. I always had a weakness for black and teal maybe because of my cyber addiction 😉

The “Moxie” outfit comes with the top, belt and skirt, wich is one mesh part and the layer leggings. With those edgy shoulder parts this jacked took my heart right away. The huge belt with the big buckles at the front reminded me on some of those amazing 80s styles and with the leggings it just completed the vision. So there was not much of a thinking needed to use the super cool high plateau shoes called “Summer Breeze Flips”. The shoes are made for the slink high feet only and will not work without them.

Finesmith, PurpleMoon, Shoes

With a HUD you can change the colors of the sole, the inner part of the show and as well the little straps.

To even more go towards the 80s direction I took my new “Punk” nails from Formanails. The nails have 2 parts. Once the sharp stiletto form nails wich can be changed in color for all of those, that are colored black in my post. The golden ones will stay for each color. The second part are the amazing rings, piercings, skulls, studs and accessories.

Those “Punk” nails are made for the slink mesh hands only with just the avatar hands it will not look properly. You can get those amazing nails and rings for the casual, elegant and elegant 1 version of the sklink hands.

Finesmith, PurpleMoon, Formanails Hands Close

As you can see on my wrist, I as well used some jewelry. This time it was parts of the “Iris” set from Finesmith.

Maybe the best to describe the feeling I had would be to quote Cyndi Lauper with “Girls Just Want To Have Fun!”

I hope you had fun too with my little roam through my closet again 😉

Finesmith, PurpleMoon, Formanails Hands & Face


Outfit: PurpleMoon – “Moxie” – NEW (mesh, Instruments June 2014)

Shoes: Purple Moon – “Summer Breeze Flips” – NEW (mesh, for slink high feet only, L’accessories)

Feet: Slink – “Female Feet  AvEnhancement – high”

Hands: Slink – “Avatar Enhancement Hands – “Casual”

Jewelry: Finesmith – “Iris”

Nails & Hand Jewelry: Formanails – “Punk”  – NEW (for slink hands casual, elegant or elegant 1 only)

Hair: Zibska – “Qeren”

Ears: Mandala – “Simple Ears” (mesh)

Poses: Del May

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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