New release for the Winter Collection 2009 at Inga Wind Clothing

Again I am happy to be able to present you one of the new outfits made by Inga Wind.

Inga Wind - Jade in peach 120

*IW* – Jade in Peach:
A short playfully dress that lets every males heart beat faster šŸ˜‰
The colors IĀ  would settle down in the brown toned ones. The top has a great low neckline and you can imagine a sexy under shirt if you take a closer look at the darker brown part in the middle of the chest. For the fashionistas well shaped slim waist Inga added a sweet corset that is decorated with an amazing belt…on every part of it you can see the amazing detailed textures what we know Inga Wind Clothing for!
The skirt is no mini but also no long skirt. A knee lenth skirt let you look sexy but not nasty and the sweet ruffles and folds give the overall look a very playfully “good girly” touch. The same ruffles you will find again on the arm parts of the dress. If you get on your “hush puppy eyes” no one could resist you if you ask for something I think šŸ˜‰ As mostly Inga included great pumps in the perfect matching color to the whole outfit. What got my attention too was the little scarf loosely knotted round the neck. and agin if you look close you will see even that little part has not a simple plain texture…and the 2 ends of the knot a re also worked out to the best.
Again a great outfit of Inga Wind Clothing!

Outfit: Inga Wind Clothing – *IW* Jade in Peach
Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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