Real Friendship

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Tempest & Wicca wearing Blacklace – “Passione – Leo Print & Lace Bra Set”

Today I have something very special…

Tempest Rosca, an incredible photographer, an amazing model and what counts even more for me… one of the ‘oldest’ and best friends I ever met in SL.

Tempest and me go way back and share quite a long past. We met in the early days of our modeling back on 2008/2009. That makes about 7 years… holy… time goes by!

The more I was happy when she IMed me and said “Wic.. do not blog the next Blacklace you get, let’s do it together!” God how iI could even think other than yes, when I thought about Tempe’s amazing pictures – I would get an original Tempest Rosca shoot!

Since I know how important a vision is for a photographer, I asked her if she had a special styling in mind. She just said “Hold on I send you a snap in a few but think lioness, princess, queen…” That sounded about Tempe… we get lingerie and she is talking about lions *giggles* I just love her. She has her own way of craziness and it seems to get well along with mine :p

When we met, while she was arranging the poses she had in mind we again had some great time for talking. Do you know that feeling.. you have friends, that you do not see or talk to every day, but when you met them it feels like it would be like that? That Tempe and me share.. we both have our own Second Life, but it crosses here and there and the it feels again so close and familiar, just amazing. We talked about old times, changes, new times and it felt so good to just talk away without any fears to say something wrong or something that he other would take wrong. Tempe and me never ever had that issue, we can talk about everything even about things we dislike or disagree and it never ever hit our friendship. That is very rare for me and with that it has one of the highest value. Exactly that to me is real friendship. We do not need kissy kissy everyday and as well we can talk clear and straight, without taking it wrong from each other – that can be so freeing and relaxing… I have no clue how long we talked until she found the right poses, angles and setting but I enjoyed every single second of it.

When I saw the picture I was speechless… it is incredible and perfect and again I know why I admire Tempe’s skills for pictures.

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening and an incredible picture Tempe – and yes.. next time it will be my turn and I am looking forward to it!!!

6 thoughts on “Real Friendship

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  2. Both of you are wonderful people. I love the time I get to spend with you or Tempe when we’re working on something together, and I wish I could sit & chat with you more (we are all so busy!) Beautiful post and piccie! ♥

    • We do have a giggle, Miele and you’re super fun to be around,,,,and SO SO patient when I’m throwing you around xx ♥♥ Tysm x ♥♥

  3. I second what Miele just said…you are both so awesome and talented and I am honoured to call you both friends…..loved the pix…..<3

  4. Thank you Wic for your amazing kinda words and I am honoured and privileged to be close to you !! This brought a tear to my eye and made me smile SO big – we are indeed a breed apart and I still remember seeing you on the JCNY runway way back when!! How many hours did we used to stand there !!!??? ♥ Love you gurlie xx you are the best xx ♥

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