Rubix Cube Fun

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And again it was a hat, which made me putting together an outfit.

This time it was the hat made by John, owner of the Windlight Magazine. I was allowed to wear his cute “Rubix Cube Fancy Hat” hat for the closing show of Art in Hats and so I could not resist, to make a post about it 😉

Cubes 7

When we got the hats for the show, we as well got the info to go wild and artistic for the styling. That is something, you so not have to tell me twice *grins*

The “Rubix Cube Fancy Hat” is a wonderful small at with a red base that holds an asymmetric black veil, a black flower shaped ribbon and 4 of the cool Rubix Cubes which rotate.

So what I could do with that to have a wild, but as well artistic look…

I remembered a huge red dress from L+N, that I got longer ago. The “Gift of Beauty” outfit is a full outfit, but I just took the 3 attachment parts of it, as the rectangular and angular shapes of the single parts of them went so great with the Rubix Cubes.

As clothing base I decided to use the layers of the “Liquid Latex” outfit from LeeZu. With the asymmetric and irregular latex painted all over the body it really was a great base to add the dress attachments to it. The painted style of the latex reminded me on painting on a canvas kinda 😉Cubes 5

 Since the parts of the “Gift of Beauty” dress has that amazing shine to them, I wanted something shiny for the upper body as well, but something that would not cover the entire “Liquid Latex” body layer.What I found after some digging through my inventory was a underbust corset from KaS, what did let me adjust the shine of the latex to not be too rubber looking and matching the dress parts.That corset added some more black to the red and I wanted to bring that back a little more, by adding black gloves an d a black bra. The search for a black bra that does not look too usual  and as kinda lingerie only was not really easy and I could not find anything that kinda matched my vision until I decided to just make me one 😉 It should be not just a bra covering my bits as the “Liquid Latex” already did that, I wanted it more as an additional accessory.  The sweet black cube earrings and the ring were made by SoliDEa Folies.

Cubes 4

Now that i had all the black and red going on to the amazingly colored “Rubix Cube Fancy Hat” I had to add some more color. I decided to start with the makeup. I used red & orange makeups from Nuuna’s which I layered over each other for the upper part of the face and the very last parts, were the eye shadow and lipstick from L.Fauna.

Now that I brough the light green-yellowish lipstick on, I felt the need of some more greenish and searched for a green necklace. I found the “Beads Necklace” from Finesmith and the “Chibi” hair from Wasabi Pills in amazing green tones. I never was aware, this kind of green would exist for hair… but it is incredible awesome!

The whole look became so abstract, that it took me some times to get used to*giggles* but in the end, I came to the conclusion I like it 😉

Cubes 9


Hat: [JOH] – “Rubix Cube Fancy Hat”

Dress Attachments: L+N – “Gift of Beauty”

Basic Body Layers: LeeZu – “Liquid Latex”

Corset: KaS – “Waist Corset”

Gloves: AE – “Opera Gloves”

Bra: Wicca’s Wardrobe (not yet released)

Hair: Wasabi Pills – “Chibi”

Earrings & Ring: Solidea FoliEs – “Cube”

Necklace: Finesmith – “Beads Nackelace”

Makeup: Nuuna’s – “Warp” & “Zion”

Eyshadow: L.Fauna – “Basic Shadow Black”

Lipstick: L.Fauna – “Lipstick Mermaid 1”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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