Stop Thinking…

Thinking 1a

Stop Thinking

Lately I’ve been feeling down
I don’t get around much anymore
So I just spend my time alone
Waiting for the phone to ring
I keep thinking of you

I miss the language that we speak
When we don’t even talk
And everytime I see you smile
You make it all worthwile
I keep thinking of you

Thinking 3a
I never loved someone like this before
Keep staring at your picture while I try to
Work my way around you
But nothing’s any good
‘Cause I keep thinking of you

You never told me I would feel
Lonely without you
You’re not supposed to make me cry
You said don’t you worry I am yours
And in a while you were gonna call me
Well it’s been hours now
I keep thinking of you


Thinking 2a

Location: Tempelhof

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