There is an answer to the darkest times…

Finally I am able to post something again. Life is really crazy and kinda turned upside down lately for various reasons. They will calm down again that I know, but it is very tiring and exhausting if life takes so much energy and power at once.

I like to say making pictures is holidays for my brain and it is relaxing. 99% of the time that is true as well, if you do not commit to picture assignments, not knowing that your real life hacks in so bad. But I was able to fulfill all those commitments and now I was able to do my own pictures again.

I am not very talkative at the moment and I hope you do not mind, I will be back with stories and short peeks into my life again soon, as soon as my real life gets more straight and calm again.

Today my styles are filled with a lot of AsteroidBox and Eclipse Art Studio designs. I love those designs and after all the stress I wanted to fool around with things I like out of my own comfort zone *winks* Certainly I have credited all designs below my second picture as always and if you need a location just click the bands names for a SURL to their main stores. If the items out at an event, you just need to click on the event behind the item and you will get your direct TP to that one.

I will get back to work and use the time for more pictures and ideas I have stuck in my mind for the past 2 weeks and hope I can realize a few more over the weekend…

See you soon



Top: AsteroidBox – “Alina Shirt” (Maitreya)
Pants: AsteroidBox – “Iris Shorts” (Maitreya)
Tights: Izzie’s – “Tights black” (BoM)
Shoes: AsteroidBox – “Nico Boots” (Maitreya) – NEW @ Equal10 // March 2022


Earrings: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Earring Mads all linked” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)
Ear Lobes: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Inazuma Plug” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)
Blindfold: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Abel Blindfold Female”
Piercing (Nose): Wicca’s Originals – “Jadeon Piercing” + “Tegan Piercing Set” (unrigged)
Piercing (Mouth): LittleFish – “EziliV2” (Lel. EvoX, Avalon)
Collar: [CX] – “Spellbound Collar” – NEW @
Bracers: Blindfold: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Jordi Forearm” (Maitreya)
Rings & Nails: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Infernal Claw” (Maitreya, Bento)
Belt: Salt & Pepper (S&P) – “Bondage POSH belt” (Maitreya)
Knees: duckie – “Leg Bands black” (Maitreya)

Hair & Makeup

Hair: Exile – “Abby 1”
Branding: Nefekalum Tattoos – “Lucky (Both/Red)” (LeL. EvoX BoM)

Head, Body & Tattoo

Head: LeLUTKA – “EvoX Avalon 3.1”
Body: Maitreya – “Lara V5.3”
Tattoo:  .:Vegas:. – “Tattoo No Remorse ( Dark )” (LeL. EvoX BoM)

Poses, Props & Tools

Pose (incl. Book): Diversion – “Book Lover – 1M” (Bento)
Backdrop: .PALETO. – “Backdrop: SEWER”

Model, Stylist & Photographer

Wicca Merlin