“Look at her…” – News from GizzA!

GizzA yesterday won the BOSL Award for the best new designer and I have to agree with that result 😉 A little while ago I had the pleasure to meet Giz Seorn and had the chance to talk to her a bit. She made me curious and I made my way to the GizzA Mainstore and I have to admit I was hell surprised about what I saw… A huge store with so many wonderful creations… I was really amazed. Today I would like to show you 2 more outfits of hers – one a little older but still sexy and stunning and another, newer one that looks so beautiful and perfect for the todays fashionista.

The “Shady Corset”, here shown in black, was one of the first outfits that catched my attention in the past. A friend of mine was wearing it and I was really curious as the quality of this outfit turned my head. The details of the textures and the fresh design, simply amazing! An awesome corset that shaped the ladies upper body perfect, combined with 2 ruffled wrist attachments and a wonderful color with the same look. The sculpted skirt gives more possibilities to wear the outfit then just in the bedroom 😉 For the stockings with the lovely filigree garters you have a closed and the open version you can see on the pic above. The gorgeous ankle boots are as well part of the outfit what makes a perfect overall look 🙂

The second outfit for today is named “Princely” This design is definitely the perfect style for the actual spring season. You can show off a lot of sexy skin but still look very elegant and classy. The salmon color has a wonderful shine and nearly looks like a delicate shining satin fabric if you wear it… simply breathtaking. The top layers are made off beautiful lace that is repeated in kinda leggings that show under the wide puffy pants. The pants itself are awesome sculpted prims that are attached to the upper legs. On the sweet ribbons that are decorating the knees you again can see the love for the detail that you will find in each and every creation of GizzA designs.

As a perfect jewelry I had to use the still unreleased “Delicate” set that is part of the soon coming “Demure Collection” that yula Finesmith made inspired by the awesome Rissa Friller. The incredible eye ornament totally amazed me and the perfectly shaped and textured bracelets and earrings are just perfect for the todays fashionista. The nails as well are by Finesmith Designs, the “Finesmith Nails Golden” are the perfect matching ones for the “Delicate” set that is fully color changeable over the known menu that all Finesmith jewelry has 🙂



Outfit incl shoes: GizzA -“Shady Corset” /black

Hair: Vanity Hair

Skin: Glam Affair

Lashes: Redgrave


Outfit: GizzA – “Princely” /salmon

Jewelry: Finesmith Designs – “Delicate” set

Nails: Finesmith Designs – “Finesmith Nails Golden”

Hair: Vanity Hair

Skin: Glam Affair

Lashes: Redgrave

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

Walk like an Egyptian with Finesmith Designs!

One set of Finesmith Designs caught me for longer and I had something in mind about styling that I did not find all the time. I wanted to do something special for the “Egyptian” set and lately I came across something I really liked 😉

The “Egyption” set it self contains The fabulous headpiece, the skirt with the long train, nipple shields, necklace, earrings and the incredible eye ornament. With all this parts the “Egyptians set is not only a jewelry set, it is a full outfit where you just have to add hair and shoes and a skin of your likings, for sure you can wear this with your usual skin as well I just was tempted with this golden one I found in a sale at VUI. The hair comes from Purplemoon including the hair base and it is called “Cat” in golden wheat. I chose some golden boots for it that anyways not show in this pics, so anyways :p. The “Egyptian” for me is the total proove of how creative and genius yula Finesmith is. Her endless heart and soul of creativity never will be empty and I am sure she writes history in the SL fashion world with her amazing creations… I saw my new Inspiration set a week ago even longer, it is just a secret till the official release… but I can tell you I never ever before saw jewelry thats so me! Yula puts in so much time, soul, love and effort in this inspiration sets and the turn out so amazing and unique! You really should try the Finesmith Inspirations Muse castings and if it is only to work close with one of the most amazing people in Second Life – yulaFinesmith ! For the perfect posing of the “Egyptian” set I used poses from Body Talking made by Arisia Ashmoot out of the “Mr Egypt” set that you as well can use for females 🙂


Jewelry: Finesmith Designs – “Egyptian”

Fingernails: Finesmith Designs – “Finesmith Nails Golden”

Skin: VUI. – “Gold Shimmer Skin”

Hair: Purplemoon – “Cat” /golden wheat

Lashes: Redgrave – “Candy Doll”

Poses: Body Talking – “Mr. Egypt” set

Model & Fotographer: Wicca Merlin