For you I become the Alien I am


Squatting in your bodies, microscopic breeding
I sleep in you and eat from within
I am the Alien. We are here to help you
Make the mend in the chemical bend
We are the Aliens
I lack emotion, have no love that I can find
I want some devotion, to ease a worried mind
The heart is softened, soul is scorched
The mind erodes away some sentimental thought
The window cracks is closed
The door slams shut, the lights put out
Say no more, speak no less
For you I become the Alien I am
For you I become the Alien I am
The cry primal is muffled, the mouth seal’s tight
The eye looks within, say no more, speak no less
I the Alien
I am the Alien
Reject your human touch
[-Hawkwind -]


Outfit: Black Cats Creations – “Alien Mantis” (Maitreya)
Gloves: cinphul – “raptor [gloves]” (Maitreya)
Shoes: cinphul – “raptor [boots]” (Maitreya)


Bindi: [CX] – “Kishin Bindi (Black)”
Mask: cinphul – “temperance [mask]”
Earrings: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Earring Mads all linked” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)
Ear Lobes: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Inazuma Plug” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)

Hair & Makeup

Hair: no.match – “No_Edge” – NEW @ Hongdae // February 2022
Eyeshadow: Rubedo – “penny 05” (Lel. EvoX BoM)
Face Art: Nefekalum Tattoos – “Hunger #01” (LeL. EvoX BoM)

Head, Body & Tattoo

Head: LeLUTKA – “EvoX Avalon 3.1”
Body: Maitreya – “Lara V5.3”
Tattoo:  .:Vegas:. – “Tattoo No Remorse ( Dark )” (LeL. EvoX BoM)

Poses, Props & Tools

Scenery: cinphul – “azrexok”
Pose: Foxcity – “Tomorrow-4am” (right leg edited with Anypose)

Model, Stylist & Photographer

Wicca Merlin