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The forest is quiet – too quiet. Not a single creature stirred; even the wind held its breath. Something was very, very wrong.

Her head cocked to the side, Finnea’s ears twitched, straining to listen for any sound at all. All Finnea heard was the faintest tinkle of the thin chains and crystals that hung from the pointed tips of her ears.

Finnea had incredibly heightened senses, especially hearing, but all Fae possessed the same ability. As queen of the Fae, Finnea’s gifts were most extraordinary. At will, Finnea could grow to the size of the largest beast in the forest, or shrink to that of the tiniest insect. Her skin could shimmer into a translucent drop of water or mimic the bark of a tree.

Just like the creatures of the forest, the Fae had gone into hiding. Only Finnea remained to investigate the threat to their world. With a single flap of her delicate wings, Finnea propelled herself onto a tree limb above. When her feet touched the branch, she was no bigger than the leaf that hid Finnea from sight.

There – a sound; faint, foreign. Sharp eyes quickly scanned the distant edge of the enchanted forest. A great hulking beast pushed its way through the dense foliage to trespass into the Fae realm. Though centuries old, Finnea remembered the terrifying stories of monsters that walked on two legs.

The danger was greater than Finnea feared. If there was but a grain of truth to the ancient lore, death and destruction followed the beast wherever it roamed. And it found its way into Finnea’s world. Where one tread, others would follow.

Man has arrived.

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