PRESS RELEASE: SL Art Couture KULT Fashion Award 2011


PR Contact:  Seth Diabolito, Marketing Manager, SL Art Couture & KULT Magazine

SL Art Couture KULT Fashion Award 2011

After much deliberation, SL Art Couture and KULT Magazine has decided to pull the KULT Fashion Award 2011. The decision was made to better allocate internal resources for an upcoming project. While there has been much pride in presenting the KULT Fashion Award 2011, SL Art Couture and KULT Magazine chose to focus on their new project which will provide an even greater and more positive impact on the fashion industry. Like the KULT Fashion Award 2011, the new venture will be in association with Metaverse TV and BOSL. SL Art Couture and KULT Magazine would like to thank Metaverse TV, BOSL and the rest of the fashion community within Second Life for their support of the KULT Fashion Award 2011 and for their support of all future SL Art Couture and KULT Magazine opportunities to enrich SL fashion. Details on the new project are forthcoming.


Founded by Arisia Ashmoot, CEO of Body Talking, Tatanka Kaligawa, Owner & Designer of MEA CULPA and Wicca Merlin, CCO of MEA CULPA, SL Art Couture is a fresh and dynamic company with the ability to fulfill your wildest dreams in the fashion world. The purpose of this company is to bring in new elements and shine a light on the fashion industry by adding the artistic element to events, taking them to a whole new level.

Formed by a team of experienced professionals, designers, builders and models, we aim to bring you absolutely the best experience possible.

Our team also provides you with specialized services for other events you may wish to hold so please check the “SERVICES” tab to see what we have to offer.

For pricing information on our services, ad space in The Fashion Teller or KULT Magazine or to book what you need, please contact SETH DIABOLITO. Also, be sure to join our group on Thank you!