Elegant and still young and modern?

Morgane+GizzA 001

Not too long ago Morgane Batista released a set of poses she named after me. During the development of the set, Morgane and me talked a lot and she asked me many things about me, as she wanted to have parts of me in that poses. After she send me the first 3 of them I was totally amazed. The first 3 poses were amazing they had some elegance, some fierce and some fresh and modern in them and I really loved them.

wicca merlin by sue 2

(Picture by Sue Moonwall)

The after a while she poked me again and had another pose, a cool kneeling one that really looked like and 80’s magazine style model. I told Morgane that I loved the idea of some non standing poses for pictures and the 5th became an amazing sit as well 😉 For the last, the 6th pose, Morgane reached deep in the trick box 😉 She made an editorial pose that was leaning backwards (like you can see on the first pic).

When Morgane asked me if I would model for the vendor of her Wicca Merlin poses, I certainly accepted gladly. It was a great honor for me 🙂 I asked Morgane if she has something in mind about the styling for the vendor picture and she just said ” Can you do me something Wicca?”. I giggled, as it really sounded funny and tried to style something ‘Wicca’. I remembered a look I did longer ago for a charity and pulled it back up. I was not anymore satisfied so I redid the styling until I thought it could look ‘Wicca’. I prepared 2 more but Morgane liked the first one the most, as I did 😉 The amazing vendor pic was shot by Sue Moonwall, a wonderful sweet Lady that really has patience as her second name 😉 Thanks for the amazing picture Sue!

Morgane+GizzA 002

For today’s styling, I decided to go with my outfit from my shift at GizzA today. The “Lordly” outfit is longtime favourite of mine and at the moment it is set to a discounted prize at GizzA, so I thought I can spotlight it 😉

The amazing huge collar comes from Finesmith and is called “Guilt, The shoes I found at Pixelfashion. I liked the combination of the woolen legwarmers that overlaps the pumps. With one of the latest releases from LeLutka I completed my styling. I liked the elegant and still modern look and for me it was kinda of a business attire and an appropriate outfit for my shift today 😉

Morgane+GizzA 003


Outfit: GizzA – “Lordly”

Collar: Finesmith – “Guilt”

Hair: LeLutka – “Emeli” – NEW (mesh)

Shoes: Pixelfashion – “Sandy”

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca”

Makeup: Elysium – “Geometrica Line”

Lipstick: Silken Moon – “Wicca Lips Blood”

Poses: Morgane Batista Pose Shop – “Wicca Merlin”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin