My personal favourites of MVW2013 – National Costume of Miss USA 2013 by SoliDeaFoliEs & Chop Zuey

MVW - Miss USA national full

Miss Virtual World 2013 – Again BoSL showcased an amazing event on December the 15th 2013, with the finale of the MVW 2013 contest. Many countries were represented by amazing ladies and it was really an exciting event. Designers and models worked together for their 2 final looks. One evening gown and one national costume for each lady. Every year when I saw the MVW finale it was an exciting moment to see the results, that designers and models worked on for so many weeks. Last year I took the challenge to make a full catalogue of all the gowns and costumes. The idea must have inspired some bloggers this year and they started to do that for the MVW 2013 designs. I decided for my own not to do the same again and just would like to showcase my personal favourites. First I thought about to do my personal top 12, but then I figured that I like more than 12 and just thought about doing all the ones that really caught my attention in no particular order :)

The beautiful costume for Miss V USA 2013, Miss Imani Enzo, was made by Mila Tatham, owner and designer of SoliDeaFoliEs. For this special costume I guess the picture says more than words πŸ˜‰ The Statue of Liberty for most of the people is the landmark of the USA. Mila Tatham made this landmark look very sexy and fashionable. The torch is for sure part of the outfit and you can choose if you use the one with the animation in it, like I did for the picture or if you use it without animation and play your own ones πŸ™‚

Imani Enzo:

“My gown is inspired by the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty is perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of American Culture. I chose her because she looks like a goddess, stands for freedom, and demonstrates the resilience of our great nation. My heartfelt thanks goes to Mila Tatham and Belle Roussel, the amazing designers who brought to SLife my vision for a modern take on Lady Liberty’s timeless beauty, strength, and elegance.

MVW - Miss USA national close

The stunning jewelry to complete the outfit was made by Belle Roussel, designer and owner of Chop Zuey. The “Lady Liberty” set only contains the earrings and the beautiful bracelets.

The stunning “USA” dress you will find at the SoliDeaFoliEs Mainstore and for the jewelry just make a stop at the Chop Zuey Mainstore.


Dress: SoliDea FoliEs – “USA” – NEW (mesh)

Jewelry: Chop Zuey – “Lady Liberty” – NEW

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca” – NEW (custom-made skin)

Hair: Mirone – “Adie”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

MVW 2012: Evening Gown for Miss USA 2012 by Azul & Alienbear

So it seems today I will have my last Miss Virtual World 2012 gown πŸ™‚ The competition is already 3 month over now but the stunning and beautiful gown of Miss VW USA 2012, Miss Michaela Benazzi, made by Mami Jewell, owner and designer of Azul, could not be missed in my MVW 2012 gown series πŸ™‚

The “Michaela” gown like you can see it on the picture is the original version , that Miss Michaela Benazzi was wearing on the MVW 2012 runway. Mami Jewell created more colors and a fully cream-white version for all those who do not like the white-blue-red combination πŸ™‚ The wonderful top is made with such lovely details, like lights, shadows and folds that you nearly can feel the sating that is wrapped round your upper body. The flowers are a wonderful decoration that hold the blue and red flexible lines that fall down in an amazing way. The delicate light white fabric that makes the skirt falls down in a dreamy flexible way to the ground. The skirt a well is ornamented at the bottom end and again shows how much love for the detail Mami Jewell puts in her designs. The “Michaela” gown you can purchase in many different colors at the Azul Mainstore.

The wonderful elegant jewelry was made my Alienbear Gupte, genius designer of Alienbear. She totally picked up the white-blue-red theme combines with the roses and created a wonderful filigree and sophisticated set, called “Michaela”. The incredible crown is made of 3 parts that you just add one after another. The necklace is made of 2 parts and the earrings and bracelet only take one attachment spot. Alienbear again showed that she is one of the most skilled jewelry designers in SL if it comes to ideas, designs and texturing. Her jewelry always makes every person wearing it at least a princess for one evening πŸ™‚ So make your way to the Alienbear Mainstore and see what is new beside the “Michaela” set.

Gown: Azul – “Michaela” – NEW

Jewelry: Alienbear – “Michaela” – NEW

Lashes: Nikita Fride – “Long Eye Lashes Model”

Hair: Mirone – “Adie”

Nails: Love Soul – “Lady in Love”

Poses: Body Talking

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin