New Release at Inga Wind Clothig – “Taisa” invites to the upcoming spring season

Today I have the great pleasure to show you the latest release of Inga Wind Clothing – “Taisa”. A dreamy creation in green and bwon-orange that is perfect to lead to the spring season we all wait for. “Taisa” comes with awsome details and attachments, also with 2 amazing options for the hair 🙂 First I woudl like to show the blond one:

The sweet dress starts with an amazing top, that covers only one shoulder. A lovely chest “shawl” is closed on the covered shoulder with and amazing detailed ribbon. The top starts with a green tone and floats in the brown orange one with a beautiful ornamented texture. Atthe chest you havea  nice shaped hole that makes room for nice sexy thoughts 😉 A wonderful lead over is made by the top of the skirt. A small wrapped part covers every texture break and leads fantastic to the great flexi made skirt that ends in wonderful leaves.

A wonderful detail is the fabulous mask. It is made tone in tone to the whole dress and it covers the face in a lovely mystic mannor. The blond hairstyle is a stunning up do with a magnificant matching hairpiece.

Over all this is a little masterpice of art, that Inga Wind Clothing created again.

Make your way to the Inga Wind Clothing Mainstore and see what amazing designs she has 🙂

To add some matcing  jewelry to this amazing designs I decided to wear the Gems & Kisses “Classical Chic” set. Amazing sweet pearls that underline the great colors of the dress.


Outfit: *IW* Inga Wind Clothing – “Taisa”

Jewelry: Gems & Kisses – “Classical Chic”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin