Gothic Cats ;)



Top: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. – “Lisbeth Top” (Reborn)
Pants: AVEC TOI – “The Angelique Shorts” (Reborn)
Shoes: 718 – “Willow Boots // Black” (Reborn)


Piercings & Tattoo (Forehead): BodyArts – “Signum” (LeL.EvoX BoM, unrigged mesh)
Earrings: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Earring Mads all linked” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)
Ear Lobes: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Inazuma Plug” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)
Glasses: [CX] – “Farseer Glasses”
Piercing (Nose): Wicca’s Originals – “Jadeon Piercing” + “Tegan Piercing Set” (unrigged)
Piercing (Mouth): LittleFish – “EziliV2” (Lel. EvoX, Avalon)
Collar: [CX] – “Achlys Posture Collar” (Reborn)
Armbands: Badwolf – “Hera Armbands” (Reborn)
Gloves: .:E.A.Studio:. – “River Gloves” (Reborn)
Nails & Rings: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Tyra Claw Set” (Reborn, Bento)

Hair & Makeup

Hair: no.match – “No Louder”
Eyeshadow 1: Guapa – “Akeldama Black Eyeshadow” (LeL.EvoX BoM)
Blush: [Apika] – “The Godess Nyx – Blush Black” (LeL.EvoX BoM)
Lipstick: Guapa – “Akeldama Spiderlips” (LeL.EvoX BoM)

Head, Body & Tattoo

Head: LeLUTKA – “EvoX Avalon 3.1”
Face Tattoo: BodyArts – “Faceband Wicca” (LeL.EvoX BoM, custom made – take a look at the “Vere Flores” or the “Fantasia Face Tattoo”)
Teeth: [CX] – “Strigoi’s Fangs – Silver Type.1 ( Size E / Wider )”
Body: eBODY – “REBORN v1.69.6”
Tattoo Neck & Chin: BodyArts – “Ornamentum” (LeL.EvoX BoM)
Tattoo Body: .:Vegas:. – “Tattoo Dindy ( Full )( Medium )” (BoM)

Poses, Props & Tools

Backdrop: Paparazzi – “BACKDROP – Abandoned Factory”
Pose (incl Cigarette: [piXit] – “Fumer – F – Groundsit // Cig_Floor_F6” (Bento)
Cats Group: [Rezz Room] – “Bengal Cat Family” (Gacha)
Cat (jumping): [Rezz Room] – “Bengal Cat Jump” (Gacha)
Cat (left): [Rezz Room] – “Bengal Cat Play” (Gacha)

Model, Stylist & Photographer

Wicca Merlin