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Sightsavers Baoba fulla

 Today I would like to show the amazing contribution of Baoba for the Sightsavers event. The amazing “Calla Green” hat. This amazing creation is the right accessory for the actual spring season. A green/white hat with an amazing Calla orchid at the top. The orchids looks so realistic with the wonderful textured white petals and the long yellow middle parts.. simply amazing!

This fresh and summer colors brought me to the idea to make a full yellow and green spring/summer look. Íf I try to style colors my memory always pulls me towards my LeeZu folder ;). Leezu Baxter made amazing grey, brown and black shaded clothing but as well she did strong colors that I really love.

I started with the “Me Like It Pants” in apple green. As it was totally other green tone I wanted to break the green to not look like a frog in the end 😉 and decided to go with the “Viela” dress top part in yellow. Since green, yellow-green and yellow are analogous colors they usually work very well if you choose the right tones.

To bring the yellow back again I put on the “Piazza Navona” ankle boots one of the latest show releases from LeeZu.For the jewelry I wanted something colorful but more modern and less elegant. I remembered the super cool “Deco” set from Baboom, combined with the “Orbital” collar from blackliquid and it matched the look perfectly, together with the new, mesh version of the “NifNif” gloves from LeeZu.

To finish off the styling I chose to put on some colorful make up, as well in green and yellow tones. My favourite store for that kind of makeups is Nuuna’s. Her crazy ideas and designs really can pimp many stylings in an awesome way 🙂

Sightsavers Baoba closea


Hat: BaOba – “Calla Green” – NEW (Sightsavers)

Top: LeeZu – “Viela” (part of the outfit)

Pants: LeeZu – “Me Like It Pants” (mesh)

Gloves: LeeZu – “NifNif” (mesh)

Shoes: LeeZu – “Piazza Navona”

Necklace: Baboom – “Deco”

Collar: blackliquid – “Orbital”

Hair: LeLutka – “Vibrato” (mesh)

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca”

Makeup: Nuuna’s – “Warp” & “AstroGlam”

Lipstick: Silken Moon – “Wicca Lips Apple”

Poses: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Poses – “Casual Jeans”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin