Vero Modero & White Widow for the Pink Ribbon Fair

The Pink Ribbon Fair is a special event presented by Flair for Events in collaboration with the Relay for Life ( of SL. It is a charity event for breast cancer from the 4th to the 25th of August 2012. For 4 weeks you will have exclusive items from 150  designers of SL at the Pink Ribbon Fair and 100% of the money will be donated to the American Cancer Society. For more information please see the official blog

Vero Modero made a wonderful cute dress for this special occasion, for the PRF hunt. Probably it was thought as a sweet girly dress and it can and will¬† be used a lot like it was thought I bet. Everyone who knows me… I sometimes try to give the outfits a certain twist and like to show that they can be used in different styles as well. As soon as I put on the “‘Dotty” dress from Vero Modero, I had the urban 80’s style stuck in my mind :p. The punk top with the huge black bottoms and the short black skirt totally called the 80’s back in my head and the huge leather belt shows the wonderful eye for the detail of Bouquet Babii, owner and designer of Vero Modero.

The color and the huge leather belt reminded me of some of Madonna’s early stylings for some reason and so I started to arrange some more with that 80’s vibe to my styling. The torned stockings with socks over it and some hair with a sweet cap from EMO-tions. For the shoes I wanted something, that makes a contrast to the sweet and nice looking dress and so I came on some heavy mesh ankle boots from VC Designs, wich they had in their sale.

The wonderful “Dragonfly” face tattoo in pink and black, as well is an item of the Pink Ribbon Fair, made by White Widow for the PRF hunt. For the jewelry I used a mix of different brands to make the actual look that I had in my mind. So I put on my favourite mesh neck corset together with the “Hannya” necklace from Mandala. The bangles are out of the “Insomniac” bangles pack of Ticky Tacky. Together with the “Spirit” nails from Love Soul, that are decorated with rings and little chains at the fingers it made the perfect look for what was in my mind :). The Pink Ribbon Fair will start tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what all the other designers created to help :).


Dress: Vero Modero – “Dotty” – NEW (PRF Hunt gift)

Face Tattoo: White Widow – “Dragonfly” – NEW (PRF hunt gift)

Bangles: Ticky Tacky – “Insomniac”

Shoes: VC Designs – “C-100 Boots”

Nails: Love Soul – “Spirit”

Piercing: [ni.ju] – “Monroe”

Hair: EMO-tions – “Katrin”

Necklace: Mandala – “Hannya”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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