VIOLATOR meets peacock and a special SNEAK PREVIEW on new release of the “Scream Of The Raptor” Grids!!!

Today I have again the great honor to show you one of the fabulous designs of Violator made by soraya Vaher.

Violator 068

To day I recieved a very special one. The “Passage to India” here shown in peacock/orange version in this blog. It is available in 2 more colors. This one is a very aerial piece of high fashion art. The clothing parts only cover what they have to. You will be a sexy but very very classy in a top styled way.

Violator 067

The clothing it self, is made with so much love to the details and colors.
The top covers the chest but gives an awsome view on the shoulders. Nice twirls climbing up your chest to your neck as the would caress you.
The skirt part is dominated by the peackock look. But it is not a fully closed plain! It shows much of your well shaped long legs and make them to a totally sexy eyecatcher…
The primparts are another masterpice done by soraya Vaher. Tentacles which we all now from her nearly as a “trademark”, are combined with peacock textured floating “wings”. If you walk they follow totally your movement and give you an awsome fantastic look.
Anyways where you will be…a party, a shooting, a runways show…this is an outift that puts you in the center!!!

Now lets look down further where we will find a sneak preview of the very soon released new shoes of Violator
There will be 2 versions available.
First we have an amazing pump style with sweet little spikes. “The Scream Of The Raptor” Stiletto Grids!

Violator 069

The shoes are highly scripted and come in a full colorchange version. so you can match them perfect for any color and case you need. I could not choose which color should be I decided to show you all the great colors (default, orange, red, green, blue, fuxia, purple and violet) Black and grey is possible too but if i had include them the pics would be so little you can’t see anything *winks* Colors are not the only thing you can change…Texture, shine, glow, bright and scale are also changable by the script!

The second version is one for the ladies who dare to stick out a little more 🙂
The “Scream Of  The Raptor Grids”-Tentacle!

Violator 070

This version is close to the first one but has different basic texture and the great tentacles for whoch we all love Violator. The features are the same so i tried to do the picture in a close look so that you can see the little but important differences!

The ScreamOf TheRaptor pumps are NOT yet RELEASED so …eyes on the Violator Mainstore they will come very very SOON!!! Don’t miss the release and be one of the first who owns that great shoes..and for sure get yourself an ourfit that mathes them well…Violator has many of them *winks* just find the one that suits YOU!

Outfit: Violator – “Passage to India” Orange/Peacock-by Soraya Vaher
Shoes: “Scream Of The Raptor” Stiletto Grid-ColorChange-bySVaher & “Scream Of  The Raptor” Grid-Tentacle-ColorChange-bySVaher
Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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