Wicca’s Originals @ Necrosis // July/August 2021

Wicca’s Originals @ Necrosis // July 30th – August 13th

Wicca’s Originals has developed the Raha Armguards. These unique guards are not ‘worn’ in the traditional sense, they become a part of you. A series of four screws pierce through flesh and anchor directly to your bones, keeping them securely in place. They provide a hard surface on the top of the forearm, which can be used to provide shielding from blunt or piercing weapons. But more importantly, while they may be painful for the wearer, they provide the ability to inflict so much more pain on others. A set of 9 curved fin style blades are arranged, giving the arm very vicious backhand potential. Sometimes the mere sight of them can be so intimidating and unsettling that it can disarm or unbalance your foe.. or prey. Whether you get these for yourself, or to experiment on another, the Raha Armguards fill a special place in the Wicca’s Originals augmentation line. They come in 10 colors for the guard material, screw heads, and blades, and are fitted for Maitreya, Legacy (F), and Gianni bodies, as well as an unrigged form for other arms.

Event Location: Necrosis

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