Wicca’s Wardrobe: LOTD 10/02/2012

During the BOSL fashion week I was allowed, to walk the show that featured the wonderful corset of NV Corsetry. We were given different mesh corset out of their actual collection and had the freedom to style it on our own likings. Usually many people see corsets as lingerie and that was one of the reasons why I did not wanna go for that look for the show.

I tried to find two different looks for my corsets and today I would like to share one of them 🙂

As a corset addicted I can see corsets in many different styles and I wanted to go for an everyday casual, lightly urban look. The “Snowbunny Leather” corset was the base from what I started to work from. For the pants I chose one of my long time favourites from Vanilla C. Design. It is a very old pair of pants but somehow I still like it 😉 The heavy “Baggers Ladies”mesh boots from Dirty Lynx, made the perfect addition to what I wanted to go for. The “Shadowmuse” gloves from Chaospire and the “Irene” hair attachment from Baiastice with that wonderful cap gave the perfect finish 😉 I did not want to break the look with some too elegant jewelry and so I went for a super old collar I still drag around combined with the “Hannya” necklace and the “Shaka” earrings from Mandala. The little dot on the “i” was the tiny “Monroe” piercing that I added above my left upper lip.

Now I had to look for a matching scenery to underline the style a bit and I went to one of that Dark Urban RP sims that I saw in the Second Life featured locations longer ago. The grim buildings and landscape were perfect 🙂 Since I am still not able to snap shadows or lights in SL anymore Photoshop did the rest of the work to let it look like I wanted it 🙂 (Thank you Malicia for the super PS lessons!!!)

Corset: NV Corsetry – “SnowBunny Leather – NEW (mesh)

Pants: Vanilla C. Design – “Black Bondage Pants” (store closed)

Gloves: Chaospire – “Shadowmuse”

Nails: Love Soul – “Spirit”

Hair: Baiastice – “Irene”

Boots: Dirty Lynx – “Bagger Ladies” (mesh)

Belt: COCO – “Wide Belt”

Necklace: Mandala – “Hannya”

Earrings: Mandala – “Shaka”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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