Wicca’s Wardrobe: New Born Wicca – A total Makeover!

5 years in SL… a long time for an avatar… 4 years modeling… a long time for some pixels ;) . Since 5 years I never had a major change on my avatar. I was using the shape I got as I entered SL with an ugly goth avatar in 2007 ;) . Certainly, there were twists and tweaks all the time till the shape turned out like it was in the end before I started to think about a whole makeover, but basically I worked always from the same base shape all the time. If you do that usually you do not make any master changes as you maybe do not totally dislike what you did before and as well you did it till then because you liked it basically. I did no hate my old face… thre was more behind that in the end brought me to a total change…

If you model for quite some time you will be allowed to do many different things… shows, rehersals, video tapings, print modeling, vendor advertises, blogs and many things more that are really fun and give you a lot of experience. At some point after being allowed to do all this wonderful things you come to a wall… and you try and try to get over this wall to make your way further, but it seems like you only run against it again and again… that you are not able to make it over it… with time this gets very depressing and boring as well. I checked all directions there was no way around this wall I had to climb over it. Day by day I felt just like that walked against this damn wall and got a bloody nose again and again… I was about to give up.,,

I talked to close friends about and they told me to search for new tasks and I got the idea that this might be the way over that damn wall. Kay Fairey and Falbala Fairey really tried to pull my mind in many different directions and options of what I could do. So many amazing friends had an ear for all of my thoughts and told me their point of view.

I started to think more in the direction of helping aspiring models and designers more and for quite some time it really felt as the right way. It made half of the way over it, I really enjoy it still and nevertheless,  I came to a point where I wanted to make the other left half as well. I looked around and searched for something that would bring me the missing thought, but I could not see any… again…

This time it must have been fate, that my way crossed the one of Jesika Contepomi again. We did not talk for a longer time and I do not really remember why we started talking but we ended up talking about my feeling about the modeling and the huge wall I tried to climb over…

She brought me on a thought I did not realize till then… she told me how she saw me from the outside only, my work and my avatar. She told me that ppl recognize me for my stylings but that Wicca not had too much character on her pixels. If people know me, the know my inner character, but how could people remember me if I just go out in jeans if I am only known and recognized for my extravagant styling ideas and that I have a very unique way of styling… why not combine a characteristic, charismatic, unique avatar with my styling abilities?

The made me think a lot. I tried to find an ethnic group that has all the characteristic parts that Wicca always had. The huge eyes, the big nose and small lips, not the actual mainstream with the small eyes and the huge lips that is followed by a lot of avatars lately, I wanted to keep Wicca’s features but even make them even more visible. After searching it was clear that the Scandinavians have a lot of that what Wicca wanted to have… the eyes, the nose, the lips the brows… just nearly everything. I looked up some of the Scandinavian top models and more and more I wanted their look for Wicca. But I as well did not wanna have a total copy of one of those, as Wicca still is an independent character with myself behind it. I again found my way back to Jesika’s IM and we talked about it for quite some time and in the end she told me she will help me to realize this new look. As well the body shape I wanted to have different from the normal look and if you do research you can find 5 basic shapes of human bodies. Many female Second Life residents have a so called “hourglass” body shape with a slim waist, but Wicca never was matching the girly style so we decided to go with the rectangle shape for her basic body as she never had a uber slim waist and too much curves anyway. – for sure I have to play around a bit with it to fit in all that new mesh clothing and system skirts and what not 😉 If you try by yourself it will always end up, not being really different so I really was grateful, that Jesika took the challenge to help me 😉

New shape, new skin… the new Wicca is born 😉 And I have to say… if I turn around, I can see the wall… the one that seemed so hard to overcome 🙂 and if I look forward… way forward on my way… I can see another huge wall…

I hope that, if I reach it, I will have again such great friends that help me again with their honesty and kindness 🙂

True friends, that really tell you their honest opinion are very rare and I am grateful for ech one I was allowed to meet in SL and may call a real friend now 🙂

18 thoughts on “Wicca’s Wardrobe: New Born Wicca – A total Makeover!

  1. ich schreib einfach mal in deutsch…
    für mich warst du schon vorher einzigartig, auch äußerlich. ich hab dich immer erkannt wenn ich mir bilder von diversen shows angesehen habe 😉
    ich muss sagen, mir hat dein gesicht vor dem makeover besser gefallen…versteh mich nicht falsch, das neue gesicht ist wirklich hübsch, aber mir etwas zu sehr naja…puppenartig. irgendwie fehlt mir das besondere, das was du vorher hattest.

    außerdem vermisse ich deine roten haare total, würde mir besser gefallen wenn du bei einer haarfarbe bleibst. ginger war einfach deine farbe meiner meinung nach *-*

    dein neuer körper sieht dafür aber hammer aus 🙂
    vllt bin ich auch einfach nicht mehr up-to-date was das modeln betrifft.

    du bist und bleibst aber zauberhaft 😀
    ich hoffe du erreichst deine ziele und wünsche dir ganz viel glück!

    • Danke für deinen lieben und auch ehrlichen Kommentar Mischa 🙂 Manchmal muss einfach eine Veränderung her 🙂 Rot hab ich schon ewig nimmer, weil’s meist zu problematisch mit Farben, Hairbases Augenbrauen ist und was was ich an SL so mag, dass ich binnen Minuten eine andere Haarfarbe haben kann 🙂 Im RL gehts ja leider nicht ganz so schnell acuh wenn ich es immer kräftig versuche*lol*
      Schade dass wir uns in lezter Zeit so wenig sprechen aber ich hab dich immer noch verdammt gern und denk oft al alte Zeiten 😉 *drück dich dolle*

  2. es ist ja auch wichtig, dass du das für dich und sonst niemanden tust 😉
    finds trotzdem schade mit dem rot 😉 das sah halt einfach so toll aus.

    ich z.b. versuche meinen avi halt möglichst an mein rl anzupassen. sommersprossen, braune augen und haare usw. versuch sogar oft in sl ponyfrisuren zu tragen weil ich selbst einen trage xD
    jeder lebt sein sl halt anders 🙂

    ich finds auch schade, dass wir uns nicht mehr so oft sprechen, aber vllt kannste mir ja mal bescheid geben wenn du wieder auf dem runway bist, würd dich gerne mal wieder bestaunen hehe…
    die alten zeiten waren so schön, für mich hat sich sl aber sehr verändert.
    modeln ist für mich auch nicht mehr so das gelbe von ei, ausgenommen bei modavia und mad. die sind wirklich großartig, einzigartig und die einzigen für die ich momentan noch laufen möchte.

    ich hab meine passion im bloggen gefunden, da kann ich sein wie ich bin und tragen was mein geschmack ist.

    aber hut ab, dass du im modelbusiness immer bekannter und besser wirst, das spricht für dich. du hast wirklich alles richtig gemacht und bist du selbst geblieben.

    also gib mal bescheid wenn ein event ansteht <3

  3. My sweet and beautiful Wicca! You are one of the most amazing people I have met in SL and I love every one of our talks. I already told you this but I’ve always loved your avatar and I LOVE the new one probably even more… cause it takes a lot of courage to decide to make this change… cause we love our avatars and how they look, we feel confortable and identified with them. I went through that myself not that long ago. I saw the big wall too and I took me lots of inner strenght to take the step forward. I support you 10000000% with this and I’m SO proud of you. You are one of the models that I admire the most and really made a difference in the SL fashion world… You are beautiful inside out!!!!!! LOVE YOU! <333 Leah

    • Leah… one of the rare true and honest people I was allwed to meet in SL. You always have an open ear for me, you always were there and shared good and bad moods with me.. thank you for that. You are a wonderful person, beautiful inside and outside. Thank you for being a friend and always there for me 🙂 <333

    • My sweet Saz 🙂 Thank you so much for that and if you do not stop calling me “Boss Lady” I will need to spank you :p Our fridnship means a lot to me, love you and thank you for being there always 🙂

  4. I am so incredibly proud of you and what you have had to say here… it brings me back four years ago and the conversation we had then… You astound me all the time and truly leave me in awe… Wicca you have shown you and the fact that you are ready to make such a change says vollumes about where you are at this point within your own personal journey…

    hugs and many kisses

    • Brit… my “oldest” mentor 🙂 You were the first who believed in me and took me to Diversity years ago as just started. You always supported me, with all my weird stuff and you always told me I can do what ever I want if I am staying true to myself and belive in me… thank you for that *hugs you tight*

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  6. Wicca, I have always admired you and everything you do. I too had hit that wall last June when I got deathly Ill and couldn’t return to SL unitl March 2012. I too ended up with lots of good advice from lots of good friends and finally I had a makeover also. It has only helped me in my modeling career, I finally made it. I was in a show with some real Super Models and made the comment about how did I get with these Super Models. I remember being told by Dasia, that I had to be a Super Model also or they were all noobies. She really made me feel great.
    I know you will only get great reactions from your new makeover. You are a lovely person and avatar. I love your avatar. You did a great job with it.
    I really believe my makeover helped me to graduate from MVW Academy the first time I went for it. And you will find something you want and make it too.
    Thank you for Class 101! You helped me to reach one of my goals.
    I love the new Wicca and so will everyone else. You will be able to go very far in everything you do.

    Love, Hugs, and Kisses

    • Hey Blue 🙂 Thank you so much for your nice and kind words 🙂 I guess you are right and I am excited what the new look will be able to 😉 Best wishes for your modeling career!*hugs* Wicca

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