Wicca’s Wardrobe: Summertime with LeeZu and Avante Poses

Summer arrived and he sun has no mercy anymore 😉 My RL apartment is right under the roof and in germany it is not common to have an air condition in every house. So I try to shut the sun out during the day where I can, as she heats up the whole apartment so badly, that I just can lay anywhere and sweat while doing nothing*lol* This heat and mood brought me to my latest styling with the new LeeZu “Me like It” pants and some new Poses from Avante Poses by Trinity Graves, a long time friend of mine.

The new “Me Like It” pants are made with mesh and lay amazing on the avatar… they move with every step you take and it looks very realistic. The top and jacket are as well from LeeZu. The “Chloe” top in red and the “Arabesque Blouse” in green together with the “Me Like It” pants in apple gave me a great summer because of the fresh and strong colors. For the shoes I chose the “Dncorde Danse” booties in red as well from LeeZu to repeat the red color of the jacket. The hair as well is a new release coming from Bizarre Hair. The “Pressoir” hairstyle comes with some near accessories. The grapes and the bottle are part of the hairstyle that you can recolor in different colors with the easy inbuilt menu.

The poses are made by Trinity Graves, owner and designer of Avante Poses. I wanted to use some not just standing still poses for a summer fun styling and so I came on the “Dementia Lever” pose set 1 & 2. Each contain 3 poses and you really can have fun pictures with those. The transitions are super and smooth so you as well can use them on the runway if you see them fit for your performance.  😉 If you have any trouble with the poses for example, because you have a shape that might not fit them for any reason, or you have a special request for another pose… be sure to contact Trinity Graves, as far as I know she still does custom work as well 😉

I now again will run under the shower to get cooled down a bit.. at least for the next 15 min 😉


Pants: LeeZu – “Me Like It” /apple – NEW (mesh)

Top: LeeZu – “Chloe” /red

Jacket: LeeZu – “Arabesque Blouse” /green

Undershirt: LeeZu – “La Goa” /brown

Booties: LeeZu – “Dncorde Danse” /red

Hair: Bizarre Hair – “Pressoir” – NEW

Earrings: Ticky Tacky – “Lick Me!” /red

Glasses: artilleri – “Gladys” /yellow

Skin: Silken Moon – “Rookie” /changeant

Eyeliner: Silken Moon – “Wicca”

Poses: Avante Poses – “Dementia Leves” – NEW

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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