All this little things!!!

Yesterday I had one of those days where unpack a lot of things and see what you got and as well you get deep in your inventory and see what got left the past few days and weeks… I kinda sit between all those goodies pulling my hair how I should combine all of those, while Trinity Graves, owner and designer of Avante Poses stumbled in my IMs. We talked about a total different topic as suddenly this idea came to my mind… why not exactly do such a pic.. with all the unpacked mess around me and I called for help for a pose…

Who could do better than one of the most talented posemakers in SL.. and Trinity just stopped by at my home, looking at all the mess and she instantly had the idea for my pose… while she made it I came to another idea and I asked her if she would have some clothes of NYU or PULL, as I was going to combine this amazing 2 mesh designers for my post. Faster than I could count till 10 Trinity jumped in one of her PULL outfits and created another pose for herself… I really adore her for her talent!!!

The picture was super, awesome fun… thank you so much Trinity for doing this with and for me 🙂 If you are in need of a special pose, if you need some funky or extraordinary model poses or even for classy… make your way to the Avante Poses Mainstore.

Both of us wearing outfits from ][PULL][. Trinity chose the “Sarah Snake” outfit and myself is wearing the new “Muse Jumpsuit” in black. For the hair we as well chose the same brand – Trinity is wearing the “Ekaterina” style and on my head we have “Irina” one of the latest mesh releases from Element’ Hair by kreolita Decosta.

And now for all the lovely accessories, bags, shoes and glasses… Nyunyu Kimono is one of my favourite mesh designers and as well a good friend. She makes her mesh prims on her own and that could be the reason why you will find different styles and shapes at the NYU Mainstore than everywhere else on the grid. She counts on simplicity and minimalistic fashion, what makes in my opinion all her designs and creations very real and very classy. For sure I will do another post for her wonderful shoes, bags and glasses to feature them even more but for today they had to be my “mess” of items I have lying around me :p I hope Nyunyu you do not mind for now 😉

2 thoughts on “All this little things!!!

  1. Today was one of my highest honors. Miss Wicca Merlin the most stylish and talented Model I know gave me the honor of letting me help sort her mess. Wicca you truly inspire me and all of the modeling world in SL. thank you for being uniquely you!

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