Diram introduces: Brigitte

Lately SL really played bad tricks on me and decided I am not longer allowed to snap pictures with shadows. As soon as I try to enable shadows and lightnings in my graphic preferences all viewers just crash. Anyways if I use my laptop or my PC – both worked fine with shadows about a week ago – anyways wich viewer I use… no difference. To ask for help and maybe get a solution for this new and weird problem I never had before I asked in Starwalkers 2010. All suggested things did not wanna work and I was really short before just getting depressed as Lovely entered my IMs and offered a very kind and generous thing. She asked me if she could help me with snapping, as she has no issues to snap with shadows enabled. I stared at my IMs not really believing what she just offered. I know Lovely for a while and I know her skills, if it comes to Photoshop and taking pictures and as well I can imagine, how much work it takes to make such pics. But she seemed to be serious and asked me for a TP. Lovely was really cute and we had fun doing pictures of different styles. The first one she finished was the one of the new Diram mesh dress called “Brigitte”. I chose the saumon color as I really liked the harsh combination of black with a lighter color, so that the dress pops out even more. The “Brigitte” purse, as well comes from Diram and it matched perfectly to the whole look and even gave a light elegant touch to the whole style for me. The boots are one of the latest mesh releases from Miamai, called “Karya” boots and the “Tizia” hair comes from EMO-tions.

I would like to thank Lovely for an amazing entry picture  for my post and as well for her time taking and post processing it 🙂

To see all the wonderful mesh news and all parts and versions of the “Brigitte” dress you better make your way to the Diram Mainstore and look for yourself 😉

Outfit: Diram – “Brigitte” /dress+bolero – NEW (mesh)

Purse: Diram – “Brigitte” – NEW (mesh)

Boots: Miamai – “Karya” – NEW (mesh)

Hair: EMO-tions – “Tizia”

Rings & Bangles: Formanails – Jiao”

Model: Wicca Merlin


Picture 1: Lovely Miwako

Picture 2: Wicca Merlin

One thought on “Diram introduces: Brigitte

  1. Great pics and style wicca! I have problems enabling shadows on my macbook pro laptop..I can only do it on my pc desktop so I switch back to my mac when I need to edit it on PS and yes editing eats up a lot of time!

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