FATAL made a corset outfit named after me!!!

FATAL a very new brand but with a quality that shows, that there is someone behind that knows very well what she is doing. The textures have an amazing quality and anyways if mesh or usual sculpties or prims… it looks perfectly done and with a huge eye for the detail!

The “Wicca Latex Corset and Leggings” contains, like the name already says ;), the super awesome corset and the latex pants. From many other designers I heard, that latex is not an easy material to make SL clothing with as the lights and shadows seem to be very tricky to get the typical shine and glow for latex or vinyl.

If you take a closer look on the awesome mesh corset you can see every little detail.. the buckles, the seams even the smallest shadow you will see and the lights and shadows are set very nice to make it absolute realistic. Fatality knows me quiet well and she knows my corset addiction ;), so it is a huge honor that one of her first corsets carries my name. The kind of latex Fatality used, is the on I really like the most as well as it does not look like the wet rubber we can see so many times. She put a wonderful satin shine on it, that still shows the material very well. As I talked to her and told her, that I like the type of latex she makes, we discovered a RL designer we both like a lot and exactly this one made a special type of latex fashionable. I am talking about Kim West and her Luxury Latex line. Fatality told me, that she took parts of her inspiration for her latex creations of Kim’s Luxus Latex line and I told her, no wonder that I liked the “Wicca Latex Corset and Leggings” outfit so much from the first view on 😉

We better watch out for the news of FATAL. I saw already more of her designs and there is all kind of different styles and ideas… some very chic and some damn cute, cool casual and hot latex. Fatality can cover a huge range with her outfits and I am sure if you look at her store you will find something you like 😉

For the styling I have to admit the combination of black latex and the corset brought me to Madonna and Grace Jones and their daring and wild stylings in the 80s. Usually I am not a friend of pink and many of you know that but with all the 80’s in mind I could not resist to add a color touch to the styling and so the decision felt on pink :p.

For the accessories, I used a longtime favourite necklace of mines from Mandala, the “Hannya” one and I combined it with a cool mesh neck corset 😉 The earrings are from Ticky Tacky and the artistic “Catwalk” mesh lashes from Miamai.

And now we take a closer look on the boots that go so well together with the outfit…

If you look closer on the super cool boots you can see again the handwriting of Fatality… she as well made that incredible ” The shape of the boots is awesome and again we have this amazing latex texture on them and you just have the feeling you can slide your hand over it and feel every little fold.

The kick ass makeup for sure was made my Nuuna Nitely. She comes up with such gret ideas and colors all the time and I could not resist to add some more 80’s glam with one of the “AstroGlam” face tattoos and it made the lashes and the lips pop out even more 😉

And now I go and listen to a few more of that amazing 80’s mega hits :p


Outfit: FATAL – “Wicca Latex Corset and Leggings” – NEW (mesh)

Boots: FATAL – “Rocking Latex Boots” – NEW

Lashes: Miamai: “Catwalk Lashes – Like a Bird” (mesh)

Bracelets: Finesmith – “Dawn”

Earrings: Ticky Tacky – “Lick Me!”

Nails: Sythetique – “Pinks Color Tactics Series”

Ring: Finesmith – “Rehana”

Makeup: Nuuna’s – “AstroGlam”

Necklace: Mandala – “Hannya”

Hair: Miss C – “Catch”

Poses: Corpus

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

2 thoughts on “FATAL made a corset outfit named after me!!!

  1. Awe Wicca, thank you SO much! I’m all star struck after reading this post. You’re an amazing woman and I appreciate you much more than you know! <3

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