Fluke for CHIC²

CHIC now became 2 years in June 2012. To celebrate the birthday – CHIC² – 150 designers created a special, new and exclusive item for the event.

We all know Fluke as a wonderful and well-known pose store for different kind of poses. GM Nikolaidis creates modeling poses, editorial poses, special couple poses and as well poses with amazing props. For the celebration of CHIC’s 2nd birthday he made an awesome set for wonderful photo shoots. The “Chic Cafe” set contains 2 chairs with stunning animations in it, the table, 2 coffee mugs and the vase with the flower. As we have 2 chairs I had to ask someone to pose with me. I asked in the new “A Star is born” group that Kay Fairey founded and got a lot of wonderful replies. The group is thought for aspiring models and bloggers with great potential that not yet got noticed… so watch out for this amazing ladies and gents to storm the fashion industry ;).  In the end I decided to take Sazzy Nirpaw, a wonderful model and as well a dear friend, if she would pose with me for the pictures. This amazing “Chic Cafe” set from Fluke you can purchase on the CHIC² event sim  (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CHIC/132/131/2504) together with all the other amazing special creations of the 2nd birthday celebration of CHIC 🙂


Pose set: Fluke – “Chic Cafe” – NEW (CHIC²)


Top: LeeZu – “Scarf Poncho” – NEW (mesh)

Pants: LeeZu – “Jeans Slim Cut”

Jewelry: Finesmith – “Cougar” (May gift)

Nails: Finesmith – “Bird Nails” (hunt gift)

Shoes: LeeZu – “Dncorde Danse”

Bag: PurpleMoon – “Monogram”  (mesh)

Eyeliner: Silken Moon – “Wicca”

Hair: EMO-tions – “Tyra”


Outfit: LeeZu – “Emma Swings”
Shoes: [Cliche] – “Siesta”
Hair: ::Exile:: – “Secret Summer”
Makeup: [mock] – “SuperSweet Shadow One” & “Apple Blossom Pink Glace Lipcolor”
Nails: Finesmith – “French”
Accessories: EarthStones – “Tumbled Stones Set” & :: PM :: “Growl Handbag”

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