Kalyabreeaa for “Claim the Fame”: Week 3 – Darkness

For the second week of Claim the Fame the designers had to create a dark attire for male and female and make a description that was read during the TV Show on Metaverse TV. (http://metaversetv.com/blog/2011/04/claim-the-fame-3/)

All designs of the Claim the Fame Shows are available at the KULT District (for surl please click here)

Kalyabreeaa Capelo: “From the Void Wicca leave nothing but emptiness. Not even your attention can escape.  dawning the head-dress of lost souls don’t stare too close as one of damned my pull you in.  Her cape bears the dead bones of the lost as it flows in the wicked air.  This is held in place by the hands of the damned.  The A – line skirt apexes with a few minions trying to escape to no avail.  Under we see tentacles she uses to reap the souls of the defiant.  Beware the Void.

Like the Black Plague in the dark ages Pestilents sweeps through the land decimating all in its path leaving a wast land for despair.  Harsch has become Pestilents.  His armor dark and foreboding he brings chaos unchecked throughout the lands.  He is not be ignored or under estimated.  His helmet commands obedience alone.  Bow down and be destroyed, your soul captured in his cape of infinite souls.

Models: Harsch Sharktooth & Wicca Merlin

Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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