Lexi Vargas for “Claim the Fame”: Week 6 – Cyber & Future Couture

For the 6th week of Claim the Fame the designers had to create a Cyber or Future Couture attire for male and female and make a description that was read during the TV show on Metaverse TV. (http://metaversetv.com/blog/2011/05/claim-the-fame-6/)

All designs are available at the KULT District (for slurl please click here)

Lexi Vargas: “‘Cybabe’ is the feminine half of the Cyborg couple. Her geometic designed human clothes are yellow and white and she sports a shoulder guard for that fashionable touch.  With her cyborg parts  showing thru her  ragged human skin she looks  eerily beautiful and mechanically stylish .”

“In the future its less about what you wear on your skin and more about the hardwear under it. The human skin has been artfully torn to show the  full of circuits, wires  and Alien type imagery below. Over the top of that is worn the bare minimum of clothing arranged in bandaged stripes of dark and light blue – just enough to cover the human parts and allow the cyborg parts to shine and sparkle through.”

Models: Greywolf Fairey & Oralee Fairey

Photographer: Oralee Fairey

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