Makeup Spotlight: ALMA Makeup Part I

ALMA – “Symphonie Makeup”

I know it was a while since my last post, but sometimes RL hits you right in your face and you are kinda knocked out for a while

Holidays were unexpected not that nice as I planned it. My ex boss man, the principal of the school I am working for, nearly a paternal friend of mine, died on the 22nd of December while he was on tour with his bicycle. I was in shock as that would have been the last I expected… I saw him a week before that happened and he seemed healthier than ever before, he even said he never felt so good. He had great plans for his pensioner life. He wanted to travel, visit his family and even do some really exciting things he wasn’t able to do while he was working. But life planned different… while he was enjoying nature – he did that a lot – a cardiac infarction pulled him off his bicycle…

ALMA – “Butterfly Makeup” + “Heat Lipstick”

As if that would not be enough, 2 days later a friend of mine told me  – while I was sending him Merry Christmas – that the doctors stopped his medical treatment and he would only have a few more days to live. Coming right after the first punch it really knocked me down. I wasn’t able to really think straight for about a week and I needed another to recover from that and sort my brain again. Those things show you, how lucky you are if you are still alive and kinda healthy – besides a few things that age brings with it.

This being said I try to find my way back into life and come back with some pictures I did before that all happened…

ALMA – “GEAR Makeup”

I had the great pleasure to do a makeup tutorial for the last Eclipse Magazine issue and I wanted to share at least a few of the pictures with you on my blog 😉 ALMA probably is not a usual mainstream makeup store but they do have a few very unique and extraordinary face art pieces 😉

Since it would have been boring to use only my face all the time I experimented a little bit with some of my mesh heads, which I usually wear only for vendors (for the same reason). It was a cool challenge, as I had a lot of attention on the different faces and so I was forced to work on shaping a lot again. I have to admit a few I really liked in the end 😉 It again showed me how much you can work on a face to make it fit different makeups. Especially the “GEAR” makeup took me a while, until I had the shape figured out to not destroy the cool circle around the eye. First I thought about to do only head shots but with those impressive makeups, I wanted to add some attitude. With a few accessories and my awesome Axis HUD from LeLutka (to make facial expressions) it really was a lot of fun. I never worked so much with faces and expressions only before, but I have to admit it won’t be my last makeup special 😉

ALMA – “Crow Makeup” + “Heat Lips”


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