Styling around a hat?

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Lately I had a show wich gave me some nice challenge during the styling.

Usually we get an outfit and have to style around with hair, accessories, shoes and poses. This time we just got  hat as a basic and it should kinda be the center of your looks.

I was sitting down first and looked at all those hats and tried to imagine a time frame for them to be in and then slowly looks grew in my head for each one.

The difficulty mainly was, to not loose the hat in the look. The hat as a very little part on your head still had to stay kinda as the main focus.

One of my hats was the “Soleil” hat from Miamai, made for the Art in Hats 2014 event. This wonderful purple hat with the peacock feather decoration on the left side of the hat. The hat has a very young and modern look so I wanted to try to kinda develop a new and modern 80s look for it as the colors called so much for the 80s.

I wanted to kinda pull the purple and green through the whole styling so I decided to wear the cool “Moxie” outfit from PurpleMoon as it gives the basic 80s look for me with the jacked that has those huge shoulder parts and the amazing huge belt that I remember very well for the 80s together with some tight leggings 😉

So the purple part was covered and I just had to set some accents in green to bring the peacock feathers back into the center. That happened with the amazing earrings I found on marketplace and the kick ass “Summer Breeze Flips” shoes from PurpleMoon wich were part of the Le’Accessories event.

The awesome apple-green nail polish I found in the “Bright Set” from Nailed It! and the perfect finish for my look made the “Wicca Lips” in apple from Silken Moon.

PurpleMoon 02


Hat: Miamai – “Soleil” /indigo flax (Art in Hats 2014)

Outfit: PurpleMoon – “Moxie” /purple

Shoes: PurpleMoon – “Summer Breeze Flips”

Earrings: Persefona – “Peacock” /green

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca 3”

Lipstick: Silken Moon – “Wicca Lips” /apple

Nail Polish: Nailed It! – “Bright Set”

Poses: PosESioN

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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