SynsualSyn Sawson for “Claim the Fame”: Week 3 – Darkness

For the second week of Claim the Fame the designers had to create a dark attire for male and female and make a description that was read during the TV Show on Metaverse TV. (

All designs of the Claim the Fame Shows are available at the KULT District (for surl please click here)

SynsualSyn Sawson: “Wicca Merlin plays the fantasy roll of Princess Bellona of the Dragon Slayers as she gets dressed to go to war. Princess Bellona is in her dark castle, it’s dusk on the night of a strong full moon, she’s feels the dampness of the night start to roll in as she slips her Royal Purple Velvet skirt over her hips, sitting on the small of her back draping grazing her mid-thigh.

She checks in the mirror as she pulls the gold strap of her panty just over the top of her hips snapping each side against her skin, the gold metal embeds in to her skin. She sits on the stool reaching down to roll her soft purple velvet stockings over her legs tugging and turning them perfectly to mid-thigh. The stiletto heel holds her balance as she is bent over tightening the gold strap of her boots, fingers softly touching the Magical Green jewels encased in the gold band atop each boot.

She reaches behind her to grab her leather corset, slowly wrapping it around her torso. Princess Bellona smells the leather as she pulls the corset into place, fitting perfectly over her rib cage, cupping her breasts she feels the cold metal of the gold sewn in to the hem pressed deeply against her skin.

The velvet collar is latched around her neck with the prim the Magical Green jewels sitting on her shoulders; she can see the glimmer the jewels emit. Last thing she slips on are the soft purple long gloves after she locks the gold cuffed wrist bands with matching Magical Green jewels around her wrists.

This is how she begins every evening as the Dragon Slayer, one of the most elegant, well dressed Warriors known specially designed and fitted by SynsualSyn Sawson, Master in her field of design.

Harsch Sharktooth couldn’t be a more perfect Prince Drake of Ravenwolf, Prince of the Warrior Dragon Slayers. As he walks toward Princess Bellona, she sees a strong man, an honorable man, a man dressed as a Prince should be.

Poised and statuesque in his Black velvet and leather mixed pant, she notices the riveted studs wrapped around each thigh. As her eyes move up she sees the Magical Green Jewel on his belt, a faint green sparkle emits. His hands on his hips she eyes the polished studs attached to the leather encircling his wrists.
She moves her eyes to his chest and lock on the Dragon Slayer Crest etched into the armor of his breast-plate. The prim Titanium shoulder epaulets are sharply pointed making him tall and strong. A 5-carat Magical Green jewel sits just over his heart, what are the magical powers of this jewel? We shall see come sunrise.

With every step he takes, Price Drake’s black cloak sways behind him falling just above his silver studded boots as he stops inches in front of her. This is the ensemble of a noble Dragon Slayer. This is the design of SynsualSyn Sawson, Master designer to the Prince Drake of Ravenwolf.”

Models: Harsch Sharktooth & Wicca Merlin

Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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