SynsualSyn Sawson for “Claim the Fame”: Week 6 – Cyber & Future Couture

For the 6th week of Claim the Fame the designers had to create a Cyber or Future Couture attire for male and female and make a description that was read during the TV show on Metaverse TV. (

All designs are available at the KULT District (for slurl please click here)

SynsualSyn Sawson: “Fifth Element Bride by Synsual Sawson sets a new standard for brides with this futuristic avante garde piece. It redefines the traditional skirt by bringing it up and imposing silver, interlocking spades further accentuated by a semi-opaque lace under skirt which accentuates the feminine curve and legs. The lace continues up over the fabric of the bodice with an irregular trim detail and matching spade interlock over the heart at the bust. The outfit is accessorized with a flowing, triple layered veil, held in place by a headband for maximum framing of the bride’s face. The spades show up again, in a much simpler form, giving the illusion of a delicate flower to the harder edges in the skirt and bust ornament.”

The prince has arrived for the royal wedding in Fifth Element Mens by Synsual Sawson. Reminiscent of the vanguard elite for which avante garde is named for, the look incorporates an imperial military aesthetic. The brass-colored accents on the collar provide a masculine edge, imitating a sun’s rays t o flatter the feminine silver of its partner outfit. The groom’s masculinity is further heightened by broadening the shoulders with decorate shoulder pads and the addition of two long, vertical lines of brass-colored decals that lengthen the chest and back. The dark jacket falls to the upper thigh, clasped by a thick clunky chain at the waist, contrasting the delicate interlocking spade sun ornament with its diamond center. The dual lined decals appear again in the dark pants, heightening the curve of the thigh and calf.

Models: Greywolf Fairey & Oralee Fairey

Photographer: Oralee Fairey

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