Silken Moon – Eclipse! Wicca in Makeup Heaven!!!


(Picture by Pam Astonia)

Today we come to something very special… Silken Moon released a new, fresh, innovative and extraordinary new skin line with a huge ‘building set’ possibility!!!

In the past we always were running for skins with different makeups for different looks. Nowadays you have the multiple layer option for your avatar that allows you to wear various numbers of tattoo layers on your head. This brought way more possibilities for makeups and uniqueness into SL. But when i go out shopping I still find a lot of complete skins for just one makeup that is painted on the skin itself still, or you have full faces where you maybe wither like the eyes or the lips or maybe even just parts of that whole makeup. Some stores offer eyes and lips separated but still you have just one option of makeup for the eyes or lips… sometimes in different colors but that’s it. But sometimes you even need to customize your look even more with some color highlights or some specials…

I was searching for a new skin by myself not too long ago (post will come soon and I will tell you all about it ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I was wearing the Silken Moon “Rookie” skin for quite a long time and at some point along with my total make over and my new shape I got more and more the desire for a skin that really shows of a lot of my self and the character that Wicca has. With all the talking I had with Malicia Python, owner and genius designer of Silken Moon, I realized that she was right about to make a total new skin line as well.

Silken Moon  - Bisque Casual

She told me about her idea of the ‘building set’ for the new Eclipse skin line she was thinking about for a longer time.

Her idea was to make different basic looks and give them different makeup options that you can wear in many different ways.

To describe the best what was her idea I would like to quote her from her own blog…

Malicia Python:

” I developed a skin system grounded on that insight. Basic skins for different looks instead of ready-made faces, plus the makeup to max out the desired look or create your own. I decided to make makeup the way you actually apply it RL, for example, the skinโ€™s lips working as a lipliner, the lipstick on top and maybe some gloss on top on that. Or you apply an eyeshadow foundation, add the eyeliner and then blacken your lashes. This led to a (still growing) range of makeups perfectly complementing each other and offering thousands of unique combinations.”

Silken Moon  - Bisque Urban

So Malicia asked me a lot for what for example models would need, or wich types of stylings I would think of. After weeks of very funny evenings, long nights and nice talks she defined 10 different looks: Canvas, Casual, Formal, Urban, Doll, Boho, Steam, Goth, Fab and Burlesque. All of them have different features. The “Canvas” one is totally blank without eyebrows even so you can really customize your face totally. The “Urban” one for example has a shaved eyebrow on the right side and the “Boho” one for example features all the wonderful purple, lilac and violet tones that are typical for that style, while the doll skin comes with a super cute look and all the pink that I like so much :p .

Each look is available in 4 different skin tones. “Brรปlรฉe”(a dark tan), “Bisque” (a fair lively tone and the one I used for this post), “Bousee” (a light tan with a yellow undertone, perfect for warm haircolours) and “Lumee” (a very light complexion)

Each skin comes in 3 uniqueย body options all options are available for every skin as a tattoo layer: Cup A, natural breasts, enhanced cleavage, Abs โ€“ all with three degrees of shiny leg, freckled body,ย a high shine and golden shine version face and nose freckles, dimples.. and so much more!!!

Silken Moon  - Bisque Burlesque

Each look has a set of type matching eye makeup and lipsticks. But you can pick the face you like best and add makeup to your own liking, style or mix and match needs even by crossing the different looks. For example if you like a doll face the most but wanna have more than jus the pink color theme you can easily buy another set of makeup and going crazy with all the mix and matches ๐Ÿ˜‰

I remember when Malicia IMed me the first time, after she was ready with the first Eclipse face and all of a sudden I had various folders in my inventory all named “SM Eclipse” – Silken Moon Eclipse… I was like ‘holy hell what is this?!?!?’ and started to look through all the different parts. Then she told me she booked Pam Astonia for the advert and I was thrilled, as as she asked me to be the one on the picture. Then she said “Ok now you just have to make your own look out of all the new skins and makeups” and I nearly fainted. There is over 100 possibilities to do this!!! I started to try and was totally wrapped in trying and mixing and matching… about 3 weeks… ok I am joking but I guess it was about 3 days later, with squared eyes I came up with a look for the picture that you can see on the very top of this post ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to mention, how long I was captured in my “SM Eclipse” folder while I was doing the other 4 looks for this post*lol*

But in the end you can see on the 4 looks I did, what different looks and possibilities you have with adding different makeups over each other and changing around with all the lipsticks… And Malicia keeps updating her makeups of the Eclipse line. Right as I was on the burlesque look, another folder with new makeups hit my head… there I found the lovely “goth firewings” in which you can see on the on the picture above at the outsides of my eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

For more information and updates you always can look at the Silken Moon Blog (

But enough of all the words… better go to the Silken Moon Mainstore and see by yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰ (

Silken Moon  - Bisque Boho

All skins & all makeup by Silken Moon

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin (except the first pic – again thank you Pam for such a gorgeous picture!!!)