Art in Hats 2014

Miamai Arts & Hats 3 with logo

Miamai – “Amarcord Hat” – luxe – black satin (Art in Hats 2014)

Yesterday the amazing Art in Hats 2014 event started. Again Quan Lavander took the challenge to again let  her amazing event happen, wich brings together photographers or bloggers and designers.

I felt very honored, when Quan last week IMed me asking if I would like to be part of her idea and make  the pictures for the stunning designs of Miamai. I love Miamai since in forever, so there was no doubt about it, that I wanted to make that. Quan TPed me over to take a look at the awesome hats of Miamai and instantly I had ideas how I would like to make pictures with them.

Miamai Arts & Hats 2 with logo

Miamai – “Soleil Hat” – luxe – indigo flax (Art in Hats 2014)

The basic idea of the exhibition is to bring designers, artists and photographers together in an art exhibition / sales event by presenting hats built by artists and fashion designers in combination with photos made by photographer, bloggers or graphic artists. The photos are meant to be an art shot.

Hats are such an important accessory to so many stylings that the idea of an event only made for hats really caught my attention already last year.

This year as well I am allowed to blog some of the amazing designs so it will be great fun after contributing those 3 pictures to ply around with some of the other amazing creations 🙂

I am very proud to be invited  to be part of Art in Hats. These are the 3 pictures I have made for the exhibition and there they are available, certainly without the Art in Hats letters ;).

Thank you so much Quan, for inviting me !

Hats and artwork are for sale here :

Miamai Arts & Hats 1 with logo

Miamai – “Stratus Hat” – luxe – cream canvas