My personal favourites of MVW2013 – National Costume of Finland 2013 by Tres Beau

MVW - Miss Finnland national Full

Miss Virtual World 2013 – Again BoSL showcased an amazing event on December the 15th 2013, with the finale of the MVW 2013 contest. Many countries were represented by amazing ladies and it was really an exciting event. Designers and models worked together for their 2 final looks. One evening gown and one national costume for each lady. Every year when I saw the MVW finale it was an exciting moment to see the results, that designers and models worked on for so many weeks. Last year I took the challenge to make a full catalogue of all the gowns and costumes. The idea must have inspired some bloggers this year and they started to do that for the MVW 2013 designs. I decided for my own not to do the same again and just would like to showcase my personal favourites. First I thought about to do my personal top 12, but then I figured that I like more than 12 and just thought about doing all the ones that really caught my attention in no particular order :)

The wonderful national costume for Miss V Finland 2013, Miss Irina Strazytski, was made by Kimmera Madison, owner and designer of Tres Beau.

What I liked a lot for this creation was the fact, that Kimmera mixed traditional parts with some modern looking but still traditional parts. The outfit comes a ‘ready-to-wear’ with the boots and the headpiece πŸ™‚ The long wool pullover again is amazing textured and the huge fur on the back gives a typical flair for the scandinavian country.Β To know a bit more about the inspiration behind the “Miss Finland” costume, I would like to quote Irina herself πŸ™‚

Irina Strazytski:

“I come from the land of thousand lakes and midnight sun – Finland. My national outfit is inspired by the finnish mythology and folklore, Kalevala – our national epic – in particular. To me Kalevala represents one of the most significant aspects of our culture and our mentality. It’s been the inspiration of many artists, designers and composers, and it continues to influence the Finnish life even today. I wanted my national costume to reflect the part of my country’s heritage which is the closest to my heart and which I’m the most proud of.”

MVW - Miss Finnland national Close


Outfit: Tres Beau – “Miss Finland” – NEW (mesh)

Earrings: League – “The Wanderer”

Hair: Baiastice – “Afya”

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca” – NEW (custom-made skin)

Makeup: Silken Moon – “SM Eclipse Smokey Eyes” – NEW & “SM Eclipse Color Eye Orange” – NEW

Lipstick: Silken Moon – “Wicca Lips Tintable” – NEW

Poses by Dahriel

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin