In the year 2050 – News from Creepy’s Fetishwear

Creepys 001

Sometimes you think what fashion or clothing in the future might be… with Creepy’s ideas and creations you might get an idea of what future fashion will be 😉

The new “Cyber Punk Catsuit” in pink i guess you will be prepared to be a future fashionista. For me the idea of future fashion goes 2 different ways. One that will be a colorful and shining huge wardrobe and the other will be a very tight and shape based tight wardrobe, what allows you to be fast and very sexy 😉 .

Creepys 002

The “Cyber Punk Catsuit” from Creepy’s is a mixture of layers and mesh prims. The basic pink catsuit accents the well-shaped body in an awesome way. The high over knee boots are mesh made and so you do not have any longer the weird angles on your knees. The super tight corset and the amazing jacket with the half face mask are as well mesh parts and perfectly lay on you body. The combination of the latex texture of the catsuit and the more structured one of the jacket, boots and corset are a perfect mix for me.

The “Cyber Punk Catsuit” is available in different colors. So make your way to the Creepy’s Fetishwear Mainstore and get your favourite 😉 .

The makeup I choose comes from Lovely Mi. The “Ashraya Pink” eye makeup, with the pink down part and the white upper part was the perfect match for my todays look. Together with the “Diavolo” hairstyle from Vanity Hair, my vision of a future fashion look was complete. The wings are something, I got way in the past for a lingerie show but colored in pink they just gave the extra touch of being crazy for me 😉 .

Creepys 003


Outfit (incl. boots): Creepy’s Fetishwear – “Cyber Punk Catsuit” – NEW (mesh)

Makeup: Lovely Mi – “Ashraya Pink”

Hair: Vanity Hair – “Diavolo”

Poses: Del May

Model & Phoographer: Wicca Merlin

“The Sin” – Do you dare to be fierce?

Mea Culpa Sin Red First

Tatanka Kaligawa, genius owner and designer of Mea Culpa is back on duty 😉 He is working on many new creations right now and released already some of them in the last few days. I would like to start with the new “The Sin” catsuit today. This catsuit with the amazing latex texture can be a great basic for a cool and fierce styling. The shiny latex texture has a super realistic look with all the lights and shadows and the amazing front part is a highlight for itself as the most latex catsuits only have a simple zipper in the front. Mea Culpa takes the latex catsuit on a new level 🙂 It is available in many different colors at the Mea Culpa Mainstore. As well Tatanka offers a “custom color” creation for the “The Sin” catsuit for a little extra fee. So what ever look you wanna create you can have the matching color of the “The Sin” catsuit, just put a color sample and your needs on a NC and you can have your custom colored “The Sin” catsuit 🙂

Do you dare to be fierce?

Mea Culpa Sin Red Full


Catsuit: Mea Culpa – “The Sin” – NEW

Boots: Slink – “Tall Leather Thigh Boots” (mesh)

Nails: Formanails – “Stiletto”

Hair: EMO-tions – “Cosma”

Earrings: Ticky Tacky – “Lick Me!”

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca von Teese”

Poses: PosESioN – “Black”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin