My Life My Rules!


I’m so sick and tired of waiting for you
There is nothing left to do
You’ve been too proud, you’ve been a fool
God damn, you’re so overrated
Insane assaults
I sold my soul for a hole in the wall
We’re never ready, I had to quit it
We’re only burning away
[- Combichrist -]


Top & Sleeves: AsteroidBox – “Alyssa Shirt” (Maitreya Petite)
Pants: AsteroidBox – “Nicole Pants” (Maitreya)


Earrings: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Earring Mads all linked” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)
Ear Lobes: .:E.A.Studio:. – “Inazuma Plug” (LeLUTKA EvoX female/human)
Piercing (Nose): Wicca’s Originals – “Jadeon Piercing” + “Tegan Piercing Set” (unrigged)
Piercing (Mouth): LittleFish – “EziliV2” (Lel. EvoX, Avalon)
Glasses: [CX] – “Farseer Glasses”
Hands: NaaNaa’s – “Damien Hand Accessories” (Maitreya, Bento)
Rings: Meva – “Bento Rings” (Maitreya, Bento)
Nails: FORMANAILS – “Wela” (Maitreya, Bento)

Hair & Makeup

Hair: Exile – “Brooklyn 1”
Faceart: Rubedo – “natalie 03” (LeL. EvoX BoM)

Head, Body & Tattoo

Head: LeLUTKA – “EvoX Avalon 3.1”
Teeth: [CX] – “Strigoi’s Fangs – Silver Type.1 ( Size E / Wider )”
Body: Maitreya – “Lara V5.3” + “Add-On Petite V1.1”
Tattoo: .:Vegas:. – “Tattoo ( Dark ) Resilience” (BoM)

Poses, Props & Tools

DRD – “Wizards Classroom – Teacher Desk”
DRD – ” Wizards Classroom – Desk/Transfiguration”
DRD – “Wizards Classroom – Desk/Potions”
DRD – “Wizards Classroom – Decorative cage”
DRD – “Wizards Classroom – Desk/Charm scrolls”
DRD – “Wizards Classroom – Desk/History of magic
DRD – “Wizards Classroom – Bookcase
DRD – “Spiritualists Shoppe – Hanging Cages – Long Chain”
DRD –  “MS – Cauldron Stack – Stairs”
DRD – “mage’s den – wooden decorative beam”
DRD – “Spiritualists Shoppe – Caged Familiar – Bat”
DRD – ” MS – Spell Supply – Display Two”
Poses: selfmade
Wand: Fashiowl – Wand
Wand Case: Ghoul – Cedric Wand
Rat: Tribal Tuesday – “AttackingRat2”
Orb: :[P]:– “Malevi Orb [Simple-Left]”

Model, Photographer, Stylist

Wicca Merlin

There is more than one Demon here…


You must have taken the wrong turn
You’ve ended up in hell
Hear me, temptress of the night,
There is more than one demon here
I see temples I yearn to defile,
‘Cause our horns hide divinity

And I think that the smell of your soft skin,
Is no less than the last legal drug
So here’s my seditious and bold whim:
Let’s drag the moon and make him watch
This grip will bloom into a bruise
These scars are your tattoos

[- Phedora -]


Outfit: Human Glitch – “JNECWHII / Fullpack TopSkrt” – NEW @ The Warehouse Sale // April 2021

Panty: .The Rotting Lab. – “Requiem Thong” (Maitreya)

Shoes: Human Glitch – “JNECWHII / Fullpack Plato” – NEW @ The Warehouse Sale // April 2021


Head Wings: \-VALKYR-/ – “Lilith Head Wings”

Horns: \-VALKYR-/ – “Oni Horns” – NEW @ The Warehouse Sale // April 2021

Bindi: Wicca’s Originals – “Lita Bindi” – NEW @ The Warehouse Sale // April 2021

Collar: [CX] – “XenoCircuit – Blood (M)” (Maitreya)

Piercings (Chest): Wicca’s Originals – “Iridas Piercing Set” – NEW @ Kinky // April 2021

Nails: L’Emporio – “*Scripta Manent*::-Classic-” (Maitreya, Bento)

Wings: CURELESS[+] – “Incubus&Succubus / Lilim Wings” (Gacha, Rare)

Hair & Makeup

Hair: no.match – “No_Silver” – NEW @ FaMESHed // May 2021

Face Art (incl Sclera Overlay): Nefekalum Tattoos – “Hunger” (BoM, Materials)

Head, Body & Tattoo

Head: LeLUTKA – “EvoClassic Avalon 3.0”

Ears: .:BoD:. – “Sasha Crosses”

Teeth: [CX] – “Strigoi’s Fangs – Silver Type.1 ( Size E /Wider)”

Body: Maitreya – “Lara V5.3”

Skin: :[P]: – “Jarne FEM Skin [Basic]” (BoM)

Tattoo: Human Glitch – “NVWKY / Tattoo Red / Fullbody F” (BoM)

Poses, Props & Tools

Poses: Poseidon Poses

Scenery: cinphul – “azrexok [alien decor set]”

Animals: Clover – “ShadowBull”

Model, Stylist & Photographer

Wicca Merlin