My personal favourites of MVW2013 – National Costume of Miss Italy 2013 by [AD] Creations

MVW - Miss Italy National Full

Miss Virtual World 2013 – Again BoSL showcased an amazing event on December the 15th 2013, with the finale of the MVW 2013 contest. Many countries were represented by amazing ladies and it was really an exciting event. Designers and models worked together for their 2 final looks. One evening gown and one national costume for each lady. Every year when I saw the MVW finale it was an exciting moment to see the results, that designers and models worked on for so many weeks. Last year I took the challenge to make a full catalogue of all the gowns and costumes. The idea must have inspired some bloggers this year and they started to do that for the MVW 2013 designs. I decided for my own not to do the same again and just would like to showcase my personal favourites. First I thought about to do my personal top 12, but then I figured that I like more than 12 and just thought about doing all the ones that really caught my attention in no particular order :)

The italian community was always very strong represented in many MVW challenges… like we had Mimmi Boa 2009 winning the crown, Mavi Beck in 2010 in the top 10, Angels Milena in 2011 in the top 12 and Anna Sapphire as winner of the MVW 2012 crown and again Italy was able to place on the winner stairs with a 1st runner-up in 2013!

Now come to one costume where I had a bit of background information from our Miss Italy 2013, Miss Natzuka Miliandrovic. She is originally from Venice in Italy and I really like if models try to represent their own home country. But Nat even went a step further and chose 2 italian designers as well for her 2 gowns. The national costume was made by Aliza Karu, owner and designer of [AD] creations. Since the costume did not have the typical italian colors.. what mostly are considered red, green and white like the flag… I asked Nat what the inspiration was for her national gown and what she said really kinda touched my heart…

Natzuka Miliandrovic:

“It does not make any sense, the one who knows you and does not love you, Italy.”
This was the feeling expressed by “Vincenzo Monti” and that represents the italian Renaissance, the historical period that redefined Italy and its artistic and politic identity in Europe. The inspiration from this national costume by Aliza Karu, comes from the desire and expectation of a modern cultural and artistic rebirth of my country.  The costume is a quotations of the incredible work of art of “Antonio Canova”, the venetian sculpture that is one the symbols of the italian Renaissance. The dress flow softly in its precious textures and transparencies and it reminds the voluptuous mediterranean women portrayed by Canova, with a particular referral to his sculpture “La venere italica” of which was said “It flatters the paradise in this valley of tears” and that clearly explain that the meaning of the beauty, in Italy, it doesn’t lie in an empty admiration, but it’s a need for comfort the soul.”

MVW - Miss Italy National Close

The very artistic “Miss Nat” gown is partwise mesh made and as well has flexible prims. The sheer top gives a very sexy touch to the very elegant and artistic rest of the design. The shoulder part with the chain over the right shoulder that holds the little jewelry part is a great contrast to the ruffled arm part on the left side. The ruffles are repeated in the back for the amazing train and the little shining silver decorations you will find again on the wonderful skirt. The incredible head-piece, the wonderful tiara that as well carries the silver and the ruffles is part of the beautiful “Miss Nat” dress as well.

To get your “Miss Nat” gown you just have to visit the [AD] Creations Mainstore, as far as I know, it is now available there 😉


Gown: [AD] Creations – “Miss Nat” – NEW (mesh)

Jewelry: Alienbear – “Kris Car”

Nails: Love Soul – “Lady in Love”

Skin: Silken Moon – “Wicca” – NEW (custom-made skin)

Eyeshadow: Silken Moon – “SM Eclipse Boho ES Starry Night” – NEW & “SM Eclipse Color Eye Silver” – NEW

Lipstick: Silken Moon – “Wicca Lips” /tintable basic color – NEW

Poses: PosESioN

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin