Thetra Blackheart for “Claim the Fame”: Week 5 – Leather & Lace

For the fourth week of Claim the Fame the designers had to create a Leather & Lace attire for male and female and make a description that was read during the TV show on Metaverse TV. (

All designs are available at the KULT District (for slurl please click here)

Thetra Blackheart:” One word describes the Eclettica “Tres Chic!”  Using only the best in Kid leather, Italian lace,  and solid brass accessories command  it’s posche look.  The Jackets raised shoulder and upright collar compliment  the beauty of a womans slender  neck. Open ‘V’ front with straplettes  delicately  caress the breast and harmonize with the  lace camisole.  Straps match the intriquette bottom trim.  The skinny pants complete the look  perfectly.   Cuffs carefully detailed to match jacket belting. Lace half gloves finish the look.   “Tre Chic”  pales in describing this magnificent  Couture!

The Eccentrico’s intriquette workmanship has demonstrated it’s finest creation  by using the softest  of Napa leather and ‘tribal lace’ overylay.  The dyed Armour black outfit  is accompanied by the “London Tan’ shirt.  Inner vest is overlayed in lace and  hugs the torso.  Collar, and stitched  sleeves are accentuated by the detailed cuffs.  Belt, and pants  are finely stitched and designed to highlight  the entire ensemble.  This Couture is a must in any man’s closet!

Models: Redclaw Inshan & Wicca Merlin

Photograher: Wicca Merlin

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