Wicca’s Wardrobe: End of Time


Today I would like to show you a dress that rally caught my attention, as I was discovering this store I never was before. I already used some of the fantastic hairstyles they sell before, but today I wanna tell a bit more about it 🙂

I am talking about Zibska… Th first  time I saw this brand was at the Hairfair 2012. They had some very unique and extravagant hairstyles in their little Hairfair shop and I just bought them all :p

A few weeks later I got a voucher for the store because of that and I made my way over there – what I saw nearly took my breath away… a huge store with all kind of things… hair, outfits, jewelry, makeups and so many nice and extraordinary things!!! I started buying makeups and as I was on my way over to the other side where I spied the hair I passed a huge wall with all of the Zibska group gifts. Amazing items in that wall and one outfit caught my eyes… the “Scappa!” dress. I tried to join the group and like always all my group slots were full.. I started thinking which group I could leave temporarily but then I thought, that it would be not fair to just join a group to get the “Scappa!” dress… So I decided to write to Zib Scaggs, over and designer of Zibska and just ask if I maybe could buy it. I really wanted this outfit so bad… *blushes*

Zib was very nice and kind and she as well seemed as she had discovered my shopping attack and she gave me the dress.

The “Scappa!” dress makes you become a clock. The huge skirt is made of big and little hands of a clock and all the numbers floating around just complete the imagination 🙂 I wanted to make a very controversy look as I added the “Wanderlust” boots and the “Skull Violin”. Heavy shoes, a dress and a violin… with each part I added ideas came up in my mind… feelings… emotions…

The hair as well is from Zibska, called”Vette” and the wonderful detailed and filigree monocle is made by Crie Style.

More and more the idea of a lonely girl, time passing by and a fantasy mood was growing in my head… I saw water, ruins, accessories that show how time goes by till the very end of time. I tried to ban this emotions, impressions and ideas on a picture but all I tried did not really catch my feelings. Suddenly a dear friend came in my mind, who already did me a wonderful emotional fantasy picture and I again knocked on Annan Adored‘s IM window… I always have a hard time to bother her, since she is a very busy blogger and photographer but she welcomed me so nice and warm that I told her about my misery.  I could hear the smile on her face as she asked me if I could show her the outfit. She came over and we looked together on what I did and she started to tell me her impressions about what she just saw… it was like she looked inside my head… she was talking about ruins, about time, clocks and simply just what I had imagined, when I was doing the styling. She showed me different windlights she had in mind (she created a few super awesome windlights herself that she gives away on her blog! http://interstylefashion.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/my-windlight-settings/)   and I was not so sad anymore, as I felt that she understands my vision about this picture.

She told me that she will need a few days to build a small scenery for the pic. 3 days later she TPed me and again I was speechless when I saw what she did… this woman is full of surprises and amazes me again and again… she really is an artist per excellence!!!

The results of what she did with my amazing stylings are the 2 incredible pictures in this blog post. Thank you again Annan for let a vision… a dream come true for me 🙂


Outfit: Zibska – “Scappa!” (group gift)

Hair: Zibska – “Vette”

Lashes: Redgrave – “Superior”

Shoes: lassitude & ennui – “Wanderlust”

Monocle: Crie Style – “KnightMare”

Earrings: Chloe – “Black Drop Earring”

Violin: [GW] – “Skull Violin” (with pose)

Photographer: Annan Adored

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