Sneak Preview for a new Mea Culpa Gown!!!

Tatanka Kaligawa, owner and designer of Mea Culpa,  is back from a longer RL absence and he comes back with awesome news!!! I already saw some of the new creations he is working on and I could steal one, in a moment while he was chatting with a girl and not paying attention… :p

That means now I have to hurry, so that I can show you one of his brand new creations before he puts it in the shop! First of all I needed somebody to help me with the pictures, because SL still tries to bug me when I try snapping with lights and shadows… I went through my friends list and looked for a photographer, as I saw my little sister Falbala online. I stormed into her IMs asking her if she could do 2 pics for me very fast. She was giggling and I know, she usually is super busy but she agreed to do it and we met at an awesome sim she helped to build (yes, besides that she is a great model and photographer, she has quite some building skills*grins*).

While she worked on the pictures, I put the dress back to Tatanka‘s office where I grabbed it from and saw him still chatting. I was mumbling some things towards his direction, that I would have to continue working for my blog and excused myself. When I arrived at home, I already had the pictures from Falbala of the new “Last Succubus” gown. The gown is a wonderful combination of black and red and has some wonderful features and details. The buttons and some parts of the dress have textures that kinda move if you take a closer look and the huge tentacles add a cool, mystic feeling. The huge collar is something that caught my eye, as I really like this kind of neck collars. The textures of the whole gown again show how skilled, talented and full of ideas Tatanka is. The wa how filigree the red lines go over the whole gown, how they look like on the flexible prims… just amazing and it again shows how much work and love for the detail Tatanka puts in his creations. At the neck part in the front you can see a little lace part, that gives you the imagination of a laced undershirt that is worn under the corsage of the gown. The “Last Succubus” can be worn as a very elegant gown or even styled for an avantgardistic matter.

I know it will be released soon, so stop by at the Mea Culpa Mainstore or join the Mea Culpa inworld group and stay tuned 😉


Gown: Mea Culpa – “Last Succubus” – NEW (not yet released)

Shoes: Mea Culpa – “Raptor”

Hair: MADesigns – “Isabel”

Earrings: Finesmith – “Hermosa Espina”

Lashes: Xplosion – “Spirit”

Lashes: Detour – “Spider”

Photographer: Falbala Fairy

Model & Stylist: Wicca Merlin

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