Wicca’s Wardrobe: Hunting…

Lately I was fooling around with stylings Malicia Python TPed me to show me something. As she saw me with the new “Tubino” mesh dress from Egoisme half styled. We were fooling around with horns and what not till the idea was born to have a “Hunting” pic like all the english hunting pics with the huge dogs and what not. For that I needed a dog and I started to look for a nice good-looking one. I found a beautiful realistic Great Dane at Zoobys. I named it Hank and it now lives with me on my platform as it was so cute, that I could not just throw him back into my inventory :p The fawn color perfect went with the idea and the leaves version of the “Tubino” dress. The shoes are from Kookie and I liked the idea to have some flat ankle boots paired with the chic dress.

The wonderful house and furniture you can see in the back are from LeeZu.

To find the right pose where I had the typical gesture of petting the dog’s head like in all the old paintings was not that easy and so I made this one by myself :).

Dress: Egoisme – “Tubino” /leaves – NEW (mesh)

Shoes: Kookie – “Armada” /neutral

Earrings & Ring: ::je:: ::suis:: – “Gothique”

Necklace: VC Designs – “Karma”

Bangles & Collar: YS&YS – “Afrika” /bronze

Headpiece: LaGyo – “Winter Deer”

Hair: DeLa – “Marley” /white (mesh)

Pose: Wicca Merlin

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

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